'School of Rock' actor facing grand theft charges in SWFL


Joey Gaydos Jr., who played lead guitarist Zack "Zack Attack" Mooneyham in Jack Black's "School of Rock" band, was arrested by Florida police for stealing guitars and an amp over the past five weeks.

Back in 2003's School of Rock, Jack Black taught child actor Joey Gaydos Jr. how to shred with confidence while also imparting sage advice, "you're not hardcore unless you live hardcore". Among the stolen goods were a $1,900 gold Gibson Les Paul, an $800 blue Les Paul Epiphone Prophecy, and a $699 black Fender Stratocaster.

Gaydos was allegedly captured on CCTV walking out of the store with a guitar.

"COME ON! When will thieves learn that nearly all establishments have cameras?"

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Following the news that Gaydos faces felony charges for guitar theft, it's come out that the former actor allegedly took two amps from father too, according to TMZ. "This sticky-fingered bandit made off with a guitar while the employee was distracted", police wrote in the video's caption on Facebook.

Further incidents occurred on February 14th and February 25th, with Joey Gaydos Jr. reportedly getting into the habit of lifting guitars from music stores and then attempting to sell them to local pawn shops.

According to police, Gaydos Jr., who confessed and blamed the spree on a drug problem, has entered not guilty pleas in court for the guitars.