Epic Games remove Fortnite ads from YouTube after child predator controversy


A YouTube representative said it swiftly took action to remove those comments and cancel those channels that appeared to harbor such content. It seems like the signal from these accounts is so strong that it reveals a major shortcoming of YouTube's algorithm. August Oetker KG also said they had postponed YouTube spending after their ads were shown to play before the videos. YouTube's recommendation feature directs many potential pedophiles to similar videos, Watson noted in the video, which has received more than 1 million views as of Wednesday. The issue is in the comments section, where YouTube users have left sexually provocative messages and shared tips on when to pause the videos to take compromising still images of the children. "There's more to be done, and we continue to work to improve and catch abuse more quickly".

It took YouTube until Wednesday to respond to Watson's February 17 video, but major brands who advertise on the platform didn't wait as long. "We took immediate action by deleting accounts and channels, reporting illegal activity to authorities and disabling violative comments".

A spokesman for AT&T, America's biggest telecoms company, said: "Until Google [which owns YouTube] can protect our brand from offensive content of any kind, we are removing all advertising from YouTube".

Amid reports that a pervasive network of pedophiles is operating in the comments of YouTube videos of children, several major companies have paused their ad campaigns from the platform.

A Nestle spokesperson said the firm had chose to "pause" its advertising on YouTube.

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Following the flight of advertisers, YouTube runs to counter, as far as possible, the scourge of pedophilia in the comments posted on its platform, which we have long talked about on these pages following the discovery of a YouTuber.

Epic Games has yet to respond since YouTube's comments to BusinessInsider.

While numerous individuals are criticizing YouTube, different creators have come out in defense of the team.

YouTuber Matt "MattsWhatItIs" Watson uncovered the issue during a video in mid February, where he noted that he was able to find suggestive videos of young girls within five clicks on the site. "Banner advertising for Google and the World Business Forum also appeared alongside some of the videos".

They even direct each other to what they see as the most titillating moments on the videos, posting "timestamps" that link to their favourite moments.