Harper, Machado chatter looms over Padres camp


It's been a long, unusual trip in Major League Baseball free agency again this offseason, as top options Bryce Harper and Manny Machado have remained available into spring training.

"I think they have always been the favorite", Heyman said on 95.7 The Game. But with the Phillies viewed as perhaps the Sox' strongest competition for Machado, Harper going to Philadelphia could help the Sox chances.

There is momentum that the Phillies could potentially strike a deal with the top free agent. I think Harper is ready to go.

The Phillies and Nats look like the only two competitors who can feasibly win the World Series as early as 2019, and if that's truly important to Harper, it helps weed out the competition.

The Padres' proposal to Harper is believed to be worth more than their bid for Machado.

Every indication I get is that he's going to get at least 10 years, and he's going to get more than $300 million. So how does the Machado signing impact the Padres in the short-term?

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Manny Machado has a team - finally.

The Bryce Harper-to-Philadelphia rumors hit a crescendo on Sunday, with regional and national media outlets once again fueling the flames of social media fodder.

The club has made a "substantial" contract offer to Machado, according to sources.

One team that has ramped up their pursuit of Machado is recent weeks though is the San Diego Padres.

Then again, as much as Philadelphia fans want to believe the hype surrounding Harper, majority seem to be taking the mindset of not believing a single thing until a contract is in place and signed since there are still a handful of teams looking to land him as well.