Danny Dyer Says ISIS Bride Shamima Begum Should Be Allowed UK Return


A State Department spokesman on Tuesday outlined the government's position on American ISIS members who've been captured in Syria - saying they should be brought back to the U.S. and prosecuted. Maybe we can understand a little bit more about how they got to her and how she felt that it was the right move to jump on a plane and leave this country at 15 years of age. "I thought I was doing things correctly for the sake of God", she added.

Ms Begum said she was sorry for all the families who had lost people because of terror attacks in the United Kingdom and other countries.

I don't regret it because it's changed me as a person. I don't understand what's gone on there. "And I think right now she really wants to be a powerful voice to condemn ISIS and to protect others from being manipulated in the way she was and protect others from making the same terrible mistakes that she had made". "My beliefs weren't the same as theirs".

But Muthana, who recently shared her story with worldwide news outlets, insisted she feels remorse for pushing ISIS propaganda online, and said she was just a "naive" young woman who'd been "brainwashed" and "manipulated" by the terror group.

Most people born in the United States are accorded so-called birthright citizenship, but there are exceptions.

"Hoda was right in the mix for English language propagandists", said terror researcher Seamus Hughes.

It remains unclear whether the Donald Trump administration has revoked her USA citizenship. "She was a key node". She was an ISIS recruiter.

"Soooo many Aussies and Brits here, but where are the Americans, wake up u cowards", she posted in January 2015.

In a 2015 Tweet, the woman wrote, "Go on drive bys, and spill all of their blood, or rent a big truck and drive all over them".

On Wednesday, Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said that Muthana was not a USA citizen, and would not be allowed to return to America.

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When he was asked whether he believes she should come back, Danny said: "Yes, I do".

Begum's family received a letter on Tuesday stating that the UK's Home Secretary, Sajid Javid, made the decision "to deprive" Begum of her citizenship, British news outlet ITV News first reported. While the United Kingdom can not leave people stateless, under worldwide law, he said any such Britons would be 'questioned, investigated and potentially prosecuted.' No British troops would be used to help or rescue them, he said.

"She comes from a normal Muslim family".

Her lawyer, Hassan Shibly, released a copy of her birth certificate and a letter from a USA official indicating her father was no longer a diplomat when she was born in 1994.

Hoda Muthana, now aged 24, told the Guardian newspaper that she made a "big mistake" when she left the USA four years ago, claiming she was brainwashed into doing so online.

She and her son fled ISIS' last enclave of land six weeks ago and were captured by Kurdish forces. "I know I've ruined my future and my son's future and I deeply, deeply regret it", she said.

But Hughes, the researcher, has words of caution.

"It's been a hard journey for her, and she's relieved".

The US officially declared victory against ISIL in December and since then has urged European nations and other countries to repatriate and prosecute their citizens who travelled to join the armed group.