Get set for 'super snow moon,' the biggest supermoon of the year


Stargazers can prepare themselves for the biggest and brightest moon of the year tomorrow as a "super snow moon" is set to light up the winter sky.

"The event, occasionally called a Supermoon, will appear up to 16 percent brighter than the average value, although this relative brilliance is hard to detect, particularly as both January and March's Full Moons are also occurring close to lunar perigee". The eclipse takes place when the full moon is at or near the closest point in its orbit to Earth, a time popularly known as a supermoon.

Though the moon is officially fullest on Tuesday morning, it'll still be visible from Sunday to Tuesday evening.

The Cherokee referred to it as the "Bone Moon" as it was the time of the year when food was so scarce that people nibbled on bones and drank bone marrow soup. Instead, keep an eye out Monday and Tuesday night. On that date, our lone natural satellite was 252,607 miles (406,532km) from Earth. And, because 100 percent of the moon's surface will be illuminated by the sun, it will appear 30 percent bigger and 14 percent larger than normal, according to the site.

It follows January's "Super Blood Wolf Moon", making it the second supermoon of the year.

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Another supermoon will arrive this week following the celestial event late last month.

The Super Snow Moon will peak on 19 February 2019 at 21:23 pm.

This also means the super snow moon has a better chance of being blocked from view by, well. snowfall.

The next Supermoon will fall on the night of March 21 but will not be as spectacular as the one visible tonight.

The moon will appear even bigger at the horizon, but don't be fooled by the optical illusion. While it won't be at its fullest, you can catch the jaw-dropping sights starting on Sunday, February 17. 19 supermoon has been dubbed the "super snow moon".