Republican-Controlled Senate to Vote on Democrats' Green New Deal


"Give everybody an opportunity to go on record and see how they feel about the Green New Deal", McConnell told reporters at a press conference on Capitol Hill.

The legislation, a sweeping package of climate-change measures unveiled by Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez of NY, has drawn a tepid response from House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, who didn't explicitly throw her support behind the ideas.

But, noting that the Green New Deal is extremely popular among the USA public-with one survey showing that 57 percent of Republican voters and 81 percent of Americans overall support the ambitious idea-Markey concluded that "Republicans, climate deniers, and the fossil fuel industry are going to end up on the wrong side of history". Still, from the support it's received among 2020 hopefuls, it appears that the Green New Deal will be a serious factor in the primary - as a talking point, if not policy proposal.

Markey's office responded with a statement chastising McConnell for threatening to call a vote on the resolution "without committee hearings, expert testimony, or a true national debate". "I think we need to aggressively support climate change [legislation]". Ed Markey (D-MA) spoke for some of his colleagues by telling McConnell he sees through his announcement and knows that this is just an attempt to "sabotage" their environmental efforts.

It's no wonder McConnell seemed uncharacteristically gleeful when he said he'd be bringing the Green New Deal to the Senate for a vote.

Trent, the spokesman for Ocasio-Cortez, predicted the Green New Deal gambit would backfire on Republicans.

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Noting his own state's mix of fossil fuels and renewables, Cramer said he's anxious to explore some energy deals with Democrats. "I hope that we can have a vote on this, I hope that we can vote on it every day".

"He wants to take an idea or framework that is not fully vetted yet, and even some Democrats think is more expansive than they'd like, and force them to put them down for a vote sooner rather than later", Zelizer said.

"In the coming weeks", the group concluded, "Sunrise Movement's army of young people will be taking action to expose the moral bankruptcy of GOP elites and invite all Senate Democrats to join Senator Markey in championing the first-ever resolution to rise to the scale and urgency of the climate crisis". Independent Senator Bernie Sanders co-sponsored the deal but has not said definitively whether he will run in 2020.

McConnell's scheduling a vote is strategic, intended to leverage a lack of Democratic unity behind the Green New Deal as a means to tackle climate change.

The deal is gaining popularity in the House, where more than 15 percent of representatives have signed on as sponsors.