Nostalgia: Remembering Chinese new Year celebrations in Ipswich from 1986


In homes and shops, pig dolls were displayed for the festival, which is also celebrated in Vietnam and by ethnic Chinese communities across Asia.

President Uhuru Kenyatta joined the people of China in celebrating the Chinese New Year by sending an exclusive message.

It's officially the Chinese New Year, which is also known as the Lunar New Year! "Happy New Year!" he noted.

UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres on Monday extended his warm wishes for the Chinese Lunar New Year, or Spring Festival.

This is different to the Gregorian calendar we use in the United Kingdom, which starts on January 1 each year.

Two dead after small plane crashes in U.S. suburb, setting homes ablaze
Seventy-two fire fighters attended the scene alongside local police, with the investigation into the crash still ongoing. Video posted on Twitter showed panicked residents running to the house as it became engulfed in flames and dark smoke.

Unlike Qian, Ma grew up in Zhengzhou, a metropolis in northern China, and said many Chinese New Year traditions have faded away with the rapid development of the area over the past few years. "They aren't good communicators, but they're kind and able to provide for the family".

The world's most popular pink, British pig is getting her own movie - in Chinese! We won't see it again until 2031 after this year! I walked a long way to take photographs and felt very happy.

"I feel like a lot of people are attracted to these aesthetic elements like say red, dragons, dogs or shiny gold, without really knowing the significance of the colors and symbols and what the animals mean", Tai said. "Some later built a replica of "old streets" to attract tourists, but it's not the same".

Those born in the year of the Pig are best compatible with people born in the year of the Tiger, and least compatible with those born in the year of the Snake, according to Chinese legend.

Xi Chen, who is from China but teaches Mandarin to middle-schoolers in Hamilton, Massachusetts, incorporated dumpling-making as part of her Lunar New Year lesson. However, for more information regarding the new addition make sure to check back on update day.