Facebook Messenger app: You can now delete messages sent with Messenger


The feature is in the latest version of the Messenger app on iOS and Android, Facebook said Tuesday.

How to recall/unsend messages on Facebook Messenger 1.

So, while you can't go back in time and delete years-old messages that keep you up at night, this does serve as a layer of defense against messages that are sent to the wrong contact.

This means if you accidentally (or drunkenly) send a regrettable message to someone, you can delete without them seeing it.

The option replaces the previous "Delete" button which would confusingly only remove the offending message from your screen but wouldn't recall it for everyone else.

News the feature was on its way first came out early previous year after Facebook was caught secretly deleting some of CEO Mark Zuckerberg's messages sent through the Messenger platform.

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This will give you up to 10 minutes to retract a message after it's been sent, even in a group chat.

The feature is also available when using Messenger via Facebook's website. It's similar to the process above, except you'll tap "Remove for You". After clicking remove, you then have the choice to pick between removing the message from your own account or everybody's account. Instead of long-pressing on a sent message, click on the three-dot icon next to the message, followed by Remove.

Facebook told the publication that it was doing it to protect communications of their executives and for this, it limited the retention period for Mark's messages in Messenger.

Those updated goals include making progress on the social issues Facebook is facing, building services that improve people's lives, supporting businesses and being more transparent about the role Facebook plays in the world.

RANDI Zuckerberg was brought in by her brother to work at Facebook in 2004 when the fledgling start-up had just 50 employees.

As fraction of that overhaul, Zuckerberg is supposedly claiming that Instagram and Messenger join WhatsApp by including end-to-end encryption.