Pelicans Want to Keep Anthony Davis Past Trade Deadline


However, the front office could also choose to shut Davis down for the remainder of this season and avoid risking an injury that could damage his trade value.

Magic Johnson must overcome a significant desire within the Pelicans organization to let Thursday's deadline expire with Davis remaining on the roster, league sources told ESPN.

The New Orleans Pelicans can not allow themselves to get bullied into taking a deal early that doesn't net them the proper return.

As ESPN first reported, the Celtics are unwavering in their pursuit of Davis - despite the fact they can not acquire Davis until the summer.

The NBA trade deadline is set for 3pm et on Thursday. Giving in to the Pelicans' demands for between six and eight draft picks would have been lunacy.

However, the Times, citing a person with knowledge of the negotiations, reported Tuesday that the Lakers had now ended discussions after growing increasingly frustrated with the Pelicans. That would be Danny Ainge and the Celtics, who continue to tell the Pelicans to wait for the summer when they can enter the mix and give them anything and everything they want for Davis.

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Despite the record, they are starting to look like the potent contender they were predicted to be at the start of the season. Davis Sr. clarified that those opinions were his, and did not reflect how his son felt about the Celtics.

The note was to the Pelicans, but it was actually to the rest of the National Basketball Association, and sent a clear message: If you're not one of those teams, don't bother offering the Pelicans a trade, because Davis is not going to stick around if you do.

Lakers pull out of Anthony Davis trade talks amid "outrageous" requests by Pelicans.

"But that's not going to happen", the person said. Wojnarowski adds the Pelicans are looking for a historic haul of draft picks, including four first and second rounders as part of a trade package.

What's more, there's a small possibility that the Knicks could win the draft lottery and become viable candidates for a trade. Does Davis think the Pelicans should accept L.A.'s proposal? Those teams haven't yet made offers to New Orleans for Davis.

A total of four picks - who can offer that? The Davis camp has constantly leaked out that he has no desire to sign long-term with the Celtics, and has gone as far to use Kyrie Irving's impending free agency to their advantage. I doubt he would want to sign a large extension with a team bound for the lottery in the not-so-distant future.