Google parent’s fourth-quarter revenue, profit beat estimates


The report offered no detailed breakdown of Alphabet income but Google took in the overwhelming majority of revenue in the quarter, $39.1 billion, with $32.6 billion from advertising.

Alphabet made a profit of $8.9 billion in the fourth quarter of a year ago compared with...

"With great opportunities ahead, we continue to make focused investments in the talent and infrastructure needed to bring exceptional products and experiences to our users, advertisers and partners around the globe", said Ruth Porat, Alphabet's CFO, in the same February 4th media release. It revealed an operating margin of 21 percent for the fourth quarter, which was lower than the projected 22 percent margin and the 23 percent margin it reported in Q4 2017.

Google parent company Alphabet beat Wall Street expectations for its fourth quarter earnings Monday, but its stock slid in after-hours trading.

Today, Google said fourth-quarter "other revenues", which is mostly cloud but also includes Google Play apps, smartphones and smart speakers, rose 31 percent, to $6.49 billion.

A man walks past the logo of the U.S. multinational technology company Google.

"Changes to our data privacy practices, as well as changes to third-party advertising policies or practices may affect the type of ads and/or manner of advertising that we are able to provide which could have an adverse effect on our business", the company wrote in the filing.

Alphabet's Q4 earnings were $12.77, exceeding the $10.82 expected from financial experts.

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On the other hand, however, are the negatives: fees that the company has to pay Google and Apple to remain their default search engine were also up in the same time period. A big chunk of that was the HTC phone team it acquired past year to design and build its own handsets. Facebook results beat Wall Street estimates last week.

He's happy Google is spending heavily on YouTube, cloud and hardware.

But Alphabet also spent more on research and development and other expenses during the quarter, as it works to expand its cloud computing business and its long-term bets such as self-driving cars. Chief Executive Officer Sundar Pichai said the cloud operation is "getting large wins", and Porat noted that it's one of the fastest-growing businesses at Alphabet.

The other segment of interest in Alphabet's ledger is "other bets", which is where the company lumps all non-Google business. Operating losses were $1.33 billion.

The latest earnings report showed that Google could earn plenty of money despite going through a year that ended with a troubled second half, racked with data privacy issues and sexual harassment scandals that inspired an employee walkout at Google.

Alphabet's cash and other short-term holdings totaled $109.14 billion at the end of 2018.

Capital expenditure for Alphabet increased from $5.66 billion to $7.08 billion and profit margins tightened.

'Acquisitions are an attractive complement to what we do to drive organic growth.