MMA fighter wanted on murder charges captured


Marks was arrested in MI last month for breaking into the ex-girlfriend's Texas home, in August. Lt. Dorcy McGinnis with the Conroe Police Department said during a news conference Sunday that two employees from the transport service and nine other inmates were in the van at the time.

Marks was one of 10 people being transported from Louisiana, officials said.

KCEN reported that in a court document before she was murdered, Scott called Marks "a pathological liar" and "a psychopath".

Marks faces charges in multiple killings, officials said, including the deaths of Michael Swearingen, 32, and Jenna Scott, 28, in Temple, Texas, in January, according to Conroe police.

Cedric Marks had been in transport from MI since January 31. Scott and her friend Michael Swearingin were found dead in Oklahoma on Jan 15.

It is unclear where Marks was being transferred to and from when he escaped.

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Maya Renee Maxwell, 26, who was arrested on January 11 in Muskegon on a Bell County warrant charging tampering with evidence, admitted that "she was involved with leaving Swearingin's vehicle in Austin in hopes to hide it from law enforcement", a warrant affidavit released Wednesday says.

Cedric Marks, a veteran of almost 60 MMA fights, is on the run with a manhunt underway for him in Texas. She also said she had her phone in her hand, and Marks took it from her and threw it.

TV station KCEN reported that Marks was arrested in MI last month on a charge alleging he broke into the Temple, Texas, home of an ex-girlfriend, Jenna Scott, on August 21. They had warned the public he should be considered "extremely risky".

Maya Renee Maxwell, 26, is charged with tampering or fabricating physical evidence with the intent to impair, a third-degree felony. KCEN-TV said Maxwell is accused of taking Swearingin's vehicle to Austin in an attempt to hide it.

Maxwell was returned to Bell County late Tuesday night.

Marks and Pease have a child together and Pease, who is from Washington state, had accused Marks of domestic violence. She is accused of allowing Marks and Maxwell to stay in her home between January 5 and January 9. She went missing in March 2009 while living in a women's shelter in Bloomington, and Marks got custody of their son.