Ariana Grande fixes her misspelled hand tattoo


"The tattoo still has the word 七輪 (shichirin, meaning "small charcoal grill") looking you in the face", reports the site Kotaku.

Ariana Grande has made her tattoo fail worse, with the botched ink now reading: "Japanese BBQ finger". "And why does she hate her?" one fan tweeted in dismay.

Ariana Grande's tattoo now reads "Japanese BBQ finger", after she attempted to have the original misspelling corrected.

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Grande previously explained that she'd left out characters from the initial tattoo because the inking process "hurt like f**k" and she couldn't sit through the entire session. She also accumulated multiple tattoos when engaged to ex-fiancé Pete Davidson, whose tattoo artist advised the Saturday Night Live comedian to "stop with the girlfriend tats" because "relationships come and go", according to Page Six. "Without those in between it all, it still reads 'charcoal grill'".

2 Chainz took to Instagram to question the music video for "7 Rings", hinting that it looked eerily similar to his Haunted Pink Trap House. But this spot also peels a ton and won't last so if I miss it enough I'll suffer thru the whole thing next time'. Ariana, however readily accepted the mistake and was seen trying to fix up her already imprinted tattoo on the palm of her hand. "Miss u man. I actually really liked it".

But Grande's fans and critics alerted her that the characters didn't mean "seven rings" in Japanese as she probably intended. "The only way you get 7 rings is if you read from the top to the bottom and then left to right", Frederick tweeted. A photo of the misspelled hand tattoo was still published to Grande's official Japanese Twitter account late Wednesday afternoon.