James O'Brien Brilliantly Sums Up The May-Corbyn Lack Of Talks


"The deadlock is so apparent in Parliament and the result so dire that traders view the chances of a no-deal Brexit as greatly reduced".

Prime Minister Theresa May's two-year attempt to forge an amicable divorce was crushed by the British parliament on January 15 in the biggest defeat for a British leader in modern history.

After surviving a confidence vote in the House of Commons yesterday, Mrs May said it was time to "deliver on the referendum" held in 2016.

Most Conservative lawmakers reject a customs union because it would prevent Britain having an independent trade policy - one of their main demands.

The prime minister named the parties in a statement in which she called on opposition politicians in Parliament to "put self-interest aside" and find a consensus on Britain's path out of the EU.

"You can not take no deal off the table".

She set out a schedule of cross-party talks that began immediately with meetings with the Scottish nationalist, Welsh nationalist and the pro-EU Liberal Democrat leaders.

And what's more, Mr Corbyn has told his MPs not to talk to her ministers either.

Opening his speech, Mr Corbyn said it was "great to be in Hastings" - a constituency where Labour came within 346 votes of taking Amber Rudd's seat at the last election in 2017.

Without clarity on the next steps for the country, it can not put any of its contingency plans in place, said Deutsche Post, which employs 54,000 people in the United Kingdom.

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Mr Dry called for the Labour leader to back a People's Vote, as Mr Corbyn leads a motion of no-confidence in Theresa May's government.

"The fact that my team are willing to continue talking to her team of senior ministers this morning suggests that at least there is a willingness to explore these things", the Lib Dem leader said.

Two questions were raised by the chancellor in the conference; whether Article 50 can be revoked and whether the option of no deal can be "taken off the table".

While May said that the contingency plans outlined by her cabinet were needed so the people "take reassurance and comfort", Brexit campaigner and former UKIP deputy chair, Suzanne Evans, accused her of rehashing "project fear".

Consider this Brexit whiplash: On Tuesday, more than 100 Conservative parliamentarians voted against May's plan.

A YouGov poll, conducted on behalf of the People's Vote campaign and published on Wednesday, revealed support for a second European Union referendum among Labour supporters is now at 78%.

The embattled leader conceded the divorce terms she struck with the European Union had been roundly rejected, after MPs delivered the heaviest government defeat in parliament in modern British political history on Tuesday: 432 votes to 202.

If there is a solution to the riddle, it may be for Parliament's backbenchers to find it.

The French government will also unveil plans in February to help fishermen and the fishing sector, said Philippe.

In a direct message to Mrs May he said: "Take no-deal off the table now please prime minister". However, only 28% want to stop Brexit, 8% want another referendum, 15% think the country should have accepted the just-defeated deal, 9% want to reopen negotiations with the European Union, and 22% are happy to leave without a deal.