U.S. government shutdown hits record length with no end seen


A large majority of Americans blame President Donald Trump for the recording-breaking 22-day partial government shutdown, according to two polls released Sunday.

President Donald Trump has said he has "no idea" whether he can get a deal with House Speaker Nancy Pelosi for his border wall as the partial U.S. government shutdown slipped into the record books.

"I do think if we reopen the government, if the president ends this shutdown crisis, we have folks who can negotiate a responsible, modern investment in technology that will actually make us safer", Democratic Senator Chris Coons of DE said on Fox.

Trump says in a Fox News Channel interview that he has "no idea" whether he can get a deal with House Speaker Nancy Pelosi.

Mr Trump fired off a series of tweets pushing back against the notion that he does not have a strategy to end what became the longest government shutdown in U.S. history when it entered its 22nd day on Saturday.

Congress says all affected federal workers will get back pay as soon as the shutdown is over, but that brings little assurance to those who have immediate expenses and little or no savings in case of an emergency. Democrats overwhelmingly blame Republicans: 85% of Democrats lay blame at Congressional Republicans and Trump. "That's why I'm depressed".

While declaring a national emergency is not completely off the table, Trump backed away from his threat Friday, saying he'd rather work it out with Congress. People close to the President said fears about a sharp backlash from lawmakers played a significant factor in this, despite Sen.

Democrats have refused further negotiations until the government is reopened in a shutdown that became the US's longest in history over the weekend.

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Obtaining funding for his southern border wall could be the least of US President Donald Trump's worries. See if we can get a deal.

First, it would allow him to claim that he was the one to act to reopen the government.

Hundreds of thousands of federal workers south of the border are either off the job or working without pay as a result. As for Independent voters, 53% of them blame the Republicans while only 23% of Independents blame the Democrats, and 17% blame both parties equally. Almost everyone at Nasa is being told to stay home, as are most at the internal revenue service, which processes tax returns and issues refunds, though the administration says it will issue refunds during the shutdown. Trump said in a separate tweet. In addition, 52 percent of respondents said that they did not consider the situation at the US-Mexico border to be a crisis, with only 45 percent describing it as one.

"The easiest solution to the shutdown is to just give President Trump the money for the mandate he received from the American public", he said. Senate Democrats, whose votes would be needed to advance such legislation, have not indicated whether they would back it because they want the government to reopen instead.

Trump's wall is winning adherents as support increased over the past year.

Trump has tried various angles to pressure Democratic negotiators, but they have not visibly budged from an offer to support some border security spending - the figure of US$1.3 billion (RM5.33 billion) has been floated - but not the US$5.7 billion he wants for a wall.

Officials say there have been no major delays and no impact on national security.