Missing Wisconsin teen found after three months, kidnapping suspect in custody


Less than 15 minutes later, Jake Patterson, 21, was in custody after police pulled over his vehicle, based on Closs' description. He was jailed on suspicion of kidnapping and homicide.

When both mothers heard the news that Closs was found alive after missing for nearly 90 days, they were glad but could not help but wonder when they may reunite with their child.

Investigators have said Patterson's goal was to kidnap Jayme, but he appears to have no connection to the family.

Police said they sent three teams to tell family members at various locations that she had been found, including one group that was attending a basketball game. She said she did not know him'. Even during the 88 days of captivity of Jayme - we still don't think that anybody assisted him in that. (But) he knew what he was doing.

What is more, she said, Jayme's escape and rescue are "the reason why we can never give up hope on any missing child".

Roseanna Marie Forcum last was seen in St. Paul in 1998 when she was 15.

Attorneys for Patterson called the affair "a very tragic situation" and said they were relying on the court system to treat him fairly.

Patterson is scheduled to go to court Monday where he is expected to be formally charged with two counts of first-degree intentional homicide and one count of kidnapping.

The news that Jayme was safe set off joy and relief in her hometown of Barron, population 3,300 and about 60 miles (100 kilometers) from where she was found. The discovery ended an all-out search that gripped the state, with many people fearing the worst.

Jayme was pictured smiling alongside her relieved aunt Jennifer Naiberg Smith, who gave permission for the image to be used after their emotional reunion.

"She [Closs] just yelled, 'Please help me, I don't know where I am".

Jayme is spending her first weekend with her family after she was held captive for almost three months. "It will be a long road but we are family strong and we love this little girl so much!"

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Jayme was taken to a hospital in Minnesota after she was found, her aunt, Sue Allard, said.

Kasinskas said. Police were called - but before they arrived, Jayme told them that she'd been held in the Gordon area, near Kasinskas' home, by someone who killed her parents on the night she disappeared.

She brought Jayme to the home of neighbours Kristin and Peter Kasinskas, as it was farther away from where she found the teenager.

He added: 'She did not talk about why or how.

Sheriff Fitzgerald says Jayme was being held against her will in a home in the Douglas County community of Gordon, about an hour north of Barron.

Jayme Closs, 13, is pictured in a photo shared on social media after reuniting with her aunt and godmother, Jennifer Smith, Jan. 11, 2019.

"I don't understand it yet myself", Fitzgerald said. "We don't believe he ... talked with them, had any digital footprint with them".

That just came in on our tipline, ' Baron County Sheriff Chris Fitzgerland said.

Smart said she would tell Jayme that "she is a survivor and she is a hero". Barron County Sheriff Chris Fitzgerald says Patterson extensively plotted the attack to the point where he shaved his head to avoid leaving forensic evidence behind.

Patterson grew up in Gordon, a sprawling township of 645 people tucked into the snowy evergreen forests about 35 miles (55 kilometers) south of Lake Superior.

Authorities blocked off the street that leads to the cabin from which Closs escaped Thursday and law enforcement has been going in and out all day.