Sex Sells (Unless You're a Woman at CES)


Haddock writes that CES and the CTA has a long history of gender bias, misogyny, sexism and double-standards, much like the wider tech sector. Meaning if you attend CES you could be walking around, minding the levitating electric toothbrushes or whatever, and walk right by a private room full of men with headsets strapped on watching adult videos.

CTA Deputy General Counsel Kara Maser acknowledged Lora DiCarlo's frustration, but affirmed the product's ineligibility, "even if your submission was mistakenly allowed in the first instance".

Products offering artificial intelligence are expected to be front and center.

Apple is using the side of a Marriott hotel in downtown Las Vegas in order take what appears to be a shot at its Android-based smartphone rivals with a giant ad that shows part of the outline of an iPhone and the text "What happens on your iPhone stays on your iPhone".

Naughty America's "Strip Club" taps into capabilities on smartphones or tablets to let people overlay virtual male or female stripper holograms on the world around them.

Her decision to skip the event came several days after Ajit Pai, the chairman of the Federal Communications Commission, and several other scheduled federal government speakers told CES they wouldn't be coming because of the shutdown. In 2016, Fiera showed a product, the Arouser For Her, that used suction to stimulate oral sex.

Taxes still due, but refunds delayed if government shutdown continues
The Daily Caller executive editor Vince Coglianese discusses how a partial government shutdown will impact the American people. Treasury, told WTVD that the shutdown is a "huge deal" for tax season and said people won't be getting money "any time soon".

Additionally, it is suggested that CES sees the launch of various other sex toys (from OhMiBod), VR porn, and even a sex robot which completely contradicts the excuse given out by CTA for the disqualification of the sex toy.

"The product referenced does not fit into any of our existing product categories and should not have been accepted for the Innovation Awards Program".

Of course, the celebration was cut short when Haddock got notice the award had been revoked because of the product's so-called profanity. You could make a similar case for the Lovelife Krush.

While the ad does feature an image of the iPhone, it isn't specifically pushing the product, but instead Apple's stance on privacy.

The Consumer Technology Association did not immediately respond to a request for comment.