Dream hampton Speaks About The Horrors Of Making Surviving R. Kelly


This article discusses sexual abuse.

The YouTube video features McGee's daughter, who has debunked her mother's claims of sexual abuse and control at the hands of Kelly in a leaked phone conversation with her boyfriend, allegedly telling him that her mother often bragged of the luxurious lifestyle and the perks of being with R. Kelly.

ET Live recently spoke to high-profile attorney Gloria Allred, who talked about what legal action may follow Surviving R. Kelly.

Horrifying allegations have been made against singer R Kelly for three decades, including an upsetting trial involving 21 counts of child pornography.

It appears that Asante McGee, who was featured in the docuseries, is the first target to be exposed by R. Kelly. The courts ruled in Kelly's favour.

R. Kelly is reportedly the subject of a criminal investigation in Georgia thanks in part to "Surviving R. Kelly". The singer even produced a 19-minute-long song called, "I Admit" that has some believing that R. Kelly is guilty. According to her, she dated Kelly for a year and was mentally, emotionally and physically abused; she faced "non-consensual oral and vaginal intercourse" and was infected with herpes. Fourteen-year-old fan Jerhonda Pace was among those who showed up in support, and two years later, they had sex. Van Allen says she was unaware of the girl's age at that time. "I remember a buzzing sound, it nearly felt like I couldn't hear".

Sheriff: Man in truck was witness, not suspect
Police believe that the killing was a case of mistaken identity, and that Jazmine's family had no prior contact with the suspects. A second suspect could be charged, the Harris County Sheriff's Office said in a statement released just after midnight Sunday.

Chance the Rapper has apologised for collaborating with the singer, but upset many people by admitting that he didn't care about the women because they were, in fact, black.

Screenshots of the page were captured by the internet archive Wayback Machine show a Pinocchio cartoon as the main photo, as well as alleged text messages from Rodgers calling Kelly "daddy", which she has said he instructed her to do. He admits regret for working with the fellow Chicagoan on 2015's "Somewhere In Paradise" collaboration with Jeremih.

Common said, "He would have been attacked by the system in a different way, meaning the system doesn't have a value for Black women the way they do.you know white women or just other nationalities".

The clip of Chance, 25, was cut from a filmed interview with journalist Jamilah Lemieux - the full version of which has been obtained by Rolling Stone magazine.

The social media outcry has been swift and significant since the documentary started airing last week.

American actress Jada Pinkett Smith is really confused about why R Kelly's music sales have increased drastically, especially after a docu-series about his alleged sexual assault of minors has been released.