Kentucky police ‘in tears’ after donut truck catches fire


A Krispy Kreme doughnut truck went up in flames in Lexington, Kentucky, Monday afternoon on the interstate, local police told WKYT.

"Police said the truck driver noticed smoke billowing from the rear of the truck", according to WLEX.

Police forces and sympathisers around the USA were quick to offer condolences to their fellow officers in Lexington. "We hope you like sprinkles".

"We are so deeply sorry for your loss", officers with Massachusetts' Stoughton Police Department wrote in a tweet.

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In the past three weeks, two Guatemalan children have died after they were detained with their fathers after crossing the border . The announcement comes the same week that eight-year-old Felipe Gomez Alonzo died at a hospital in the state of New Mexico.

The sentiment was shared by the Toledo Police Department, who added: 'Hang in there, 2019 will get better'. "We donut know what else to say".

"It's a cop thing", the Cincinnati police department tweeted.

Good-humoured police officers in Lexington, Kentucky have played up the stereotype after attending the scene of a burned-out doughnut van. Krispy Kreme jumped into the madness on Twitter Tuesday, hinting that a delivery of doughnuts was on the way to replace those that were lost.