Rubio Meekly Objects To Way White House Has 'Handled' Shutdown


Trump raised the stakes on Friday, reissuing threats to shut the U.S. -Mexico border to pressure Congress to fund the wall and to shut off aid to three Central American countries from which many migrants have fled.

Tweeting and watching Fox News in his spacious, lonely abode Friday, the U.S. president also used his alone time to threaten the closure of the southern border altogether if the "obstructionist" Democrats do not allow his granite-colored spikes to see the light of day.

President Donald Trump threatened on Friday to seal the US-Mexico border "entirely" if Congress does not approve billions of dollars in funding for a wall.

Incoming White House chief of staff Mick Mulvaney claimed there was a split among congressional leaders that is preventing a resolution to the partial government shutdown on its seventh day. It also is beginning to pinch citizens who count on public services.

Alas, as I've already insinuated, the causes of Chuck Schumer's intransigence shouldn't be hard for the president to understand.

"Trump has been holding work meetings since Congress went into recess, including one with Department of Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen on how to fund the administration's border security plan", the report said.

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Christianson said Arriaga entered the country illegally , has two prior arrests for DUI and has known gang affiliations. KCSO will be holding their press conference at KCSO Headquarters on Norris Road in Oildale at 1 p.m.

On Thursday, the Senate was in session for only four minutes after lawmakers didn't show up.

Donald Trump entered the holiday season with a bulletproof plan for advancing his electoral and legislative goals: He would sabotage the basic functioning of the government that he presides over, so as to draw attention to the fact that the Democratic Party does not support an extremely unpopular immigration policy.

He then argued that Pelosi was cornered into her position by her own need to prevail on the House floor January 3 when she must stand for speaker.

"Our whole objective was to get the rat down here and get it set up so that it can be ready in relatively short notice for when the president does eventually make it to Mar-a-Lago", Taylor said.

"The White House did tell us very early on to consider presidential tweets official statements, which means even when they're not fully cogent or cooked".

"We take great care of the relationship with the government of the United States", Lopez Obrador said. Hammill said Democrats are waiting for Trump to publicly endorse a proposal to end the shutdown because he "has changed his position so many times". The Senate bill contains $1.3 billion for border security excluding any concrete wall. It was unclear how Trump's threat to close the border would affect his efforts to ratify an amended North American free trade pact. Experts have warned that cutting off aid money to El Salvador, Guatemala and Honduras could actually exacerbate the problem by worsening the poverty and violence that push many migrants to leave those countries.