Blue light from power plant explosion causes confusion in New York City


An eerie electric blue light illuminating the night sky and a low buzzing sound ringing through the streets of New York City has created quite a spectacle for residents.

There was a boom, then a hum.

Another user asked: "Why is the sky lit up bright blue in Queens New York City right now?"

The cause of the incident was being investigated.

Androtsokis was not the only one.

Videos and photos of the light blue sky spread online as locals attempted to figure out the source of the conflagration.

It was not immediately clear if the two events were related.

The fire is now under control, police said.

Still, Deputy Inspector Osvaldo Nunez, the commanding officer of the 114th Precinct, conceded that the episode "was spectacular". While she didn't hear an explosion from about a mile away, Scott said the electricity flickered.

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One commenter said: "Can someone explain why the sky in Brooklyn was lightning top bright blue?"

All the excitement caused plenty of problems.

The scattered power outage has also interrupted traffic at LaGuardia Airport, with only certain flights allowed to depart.

The explosion also knocked out power out at Rikers Island, and some subway lines were disrupted including on the E, F, and R trains and the 7 line.

LaGuardia Airport has since resumed to normal operations, the FAA said in an advisory posted to its website.

'If anyone in NYC got superpowers tonight, please contact me. His flight had been canceled.

"It's "*Not a href="" *tweeted Eric Phillips, a spokesman for Mayor Bill de Blasio. We are aware of this situation. Electricity at the airport had been mostly restored as of around 10:30 p.m. ET, Port Authority representative Scott Ladd told INSIDER in an email Thursday night.

He said that travelers could expect delays through early Friday.