No end in sight as partial USA government shutdown enters fifth day


Wednesday is the first non-holiday weekday since the shutdown began.

REI Co-op customers stand near an unstaffed ranger station kiosk, closed as part of the federal government shutdown, inside the flagship store Wednesday, Dec. 26, 2018, in Seattle. "The whole thing is juvenile".

About 25 per cent of the federal government has been shut down amid the standoff, with roughly 800,000 federal workers nationwide expected to be affected. We're gonna have safety.

Speaking by video conference to members of all five branches of the United States military, he said, "I want to wish everybody a really Merry Christmas, a Happy New Year".

As a result, Trump feels vindicated in his political instincts and is increasingly unmoved by advisers, they said. Vice President Mike Pence is said to have proposed $2.1 billion for new border barriers in an offer to Democrats, along with $400 million for other Trump immigration priorities.

Trump, who was elected in 2016, campaigned on a promise to build a "big, lovely wall" made of concrete, rebar and steel across the length of the southern border.

On Tuesday (Christmas Day), Trump again vowed to keep the government shuttered until his wall is funded: "I can't tell you when the government's going to be open".

A fourth of the federal government shut down Saturday because of the failure by the President and congressional Democrats to agree on funding to build the border wall, for which he has demanded $5 billion. Workers deemed non-essential will be furloughed, while "essential" workers will be required to report to their jobs, but with no guarantee of a paycheck.

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"I'm very concerned that you're holding the federal government hostage for your latest whim - that's a widespread feeling, and many Republicans privately share that concern", Connolly said. With the opposition Democrats refusing to approve the necessary funds, the federal government has been under a partial government shutdown for four days now.

"The president wanted the shutdown, but he seems not to know how to get himself out of it", they said.

"I can't tell you when the government's going to be open".

The impasse has left about 420,000 federal workers working without pay and another 380,000 furloughed.

Senate Democratic leader Chuck Schumer of NY suggested that the president's insistence on a wall IS little more than an attempt to mollify his political base.

Trump followed up on a Monday tweet in which he said he "just gave out a 115 mile long contract for another large section of the Wall in Texas". After Mexico repeatedly refused to do so, he began seeking USA taxpayer funding for the wall, which he sees as vital to controlling illegal immigration.

A new Treasury Employees Union survey also showed that almost 80% of its members are "very concerned" about paying for their basic living expenses this month, and even more are tightening their belts as they worry about delayed or lost pay, the union said.