Honduran woman in migrant caravan gives birth in US


U.S. Customs and Border Protection said Tuesday that the San Diego sector has experienced a "slight uptick" in families entering the U.S. illegally and turning themselves in to agents since the caravan of Central American migrants arrived in Tijuana two weeks ago.

The remaining migrants were taken by bus to the new shelter about 10 miles (15 kilometers) from the border crossing at Otay Mesa and 14 miles (22 kilometers) from San Ysidro, near where people line up to file applications for asylum in the United States.

Ms. Pavlich reports this week in Yuma, Arizona, a number of individuals were caught dropping children over the border fence.

Other sightseers were seen taking selfies after a visit to the beach alongside the US border wall in Playas de Tijuana.

U.S. Customs and Border Protection spokesman Ralph DeSio said the U.S. was trying to deter illegal crossings by issuing the proclamation.

As the migrants wait, some 1,700 from the caravan have been moved to a stronger shelter in Tijuana, after rains ruined makeshift tents, soaked blankets, soiled personal possessions and turned the sports stadium where they had been camped into a health risk.

About two dozen migrants climbed over the border wall separating Mexico from the United States near Tijuana on Monday.

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Some border wall construction is being done, such as at San Diego, two miles of wall in Calexico, California and 20 miles of border wall in Santa Teresa, New Mexico, and where it has been completed illegal aliens are not being dropped over the fence.

The sight of them climbing the fence encouraged others, even as a helicopter patrolled overhead on the USA side.

There are some 5,600 migrants at the Albergue Benito Juarez shelter in Tijuana, according to the local municipal police.

Juan Manuel Gastélum, the mayor of Tijuana, argued recently that the caravan organizer ought to face criminal charges.

Human rights groups have question the legality of the president's proclamation.

They told the migrants food and medical services would no longer be provided there.

As McAleenan told Fox News, numerous migrants were "lured" to the United States because they were promised entry because of weak laws - even though many of them do not qualify for amnesty. Last year, more than 26,000 illegal immigrants were arrested in addition to almost 11,000 pounds of marijuana and 3,000 pounds of cocaine that were seized.