US Cabinet members defend close ties with Saudi Arabia 22min


"We have got to make the decision as to what happens in the war in Yemen and our role in that, and that's what the vote today is about", stated Sanders.

Defying the White House, the Senate voted on Wednesday to advance a resolution to end U.S. military support for the Saudi-led war in Yemen, setting the stage for a possible final vote on the measure within days. They include Arkansas Sen.

"Regarding the crown prince, who is attending this summit, Saudi Arabia is a permanent member of the G20".

The other four Republicans who voted against the resolution to allow a Senate vote on the issue were Sens.

The Senate voted 63-37 to pass the procedural vote, which will set up a floor debate on the resolution next week.

The Senate vote came after a closed-door briefing by Secretary of State Mike Pompeo and Secretary of Defense Jim Mattis.

I've asked Boozman's office for a response, but am still waiting.

The federal NDP said Thursday it plans to press the Liberal government to "have the courage" to move beyond sanctions to the immediate cessation of all arms sales to Saudi Arabia.

The vote showed a significant number of Republicans were willing to break with Trump to express their deep dissatisfaction with Saudi Arabia and with the USA response to Khashoggi's brutal killing in Turkey last month.

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While Saudi officials have insisted the crown prince had no knowledge of the plan to kill Khashoggi, the Central Intelligence Agency concluded this month that MBS ordered the murder.

The Saudi insider-turned-critic was killed in what Saudi Arabia said was a "rogue" operation and denied any involvement of Prince Salman in the murder.

Seventeen Saudi nationals have been rendered inadmissible to Canada.

He said the crown prince "owns this death". "Those responsible for Jamal Khashoggi's murder must be held to account and must face justice".

Pompeo said USA involvement in the Yemen conflict is central to the Trump administration's broader goal of containing Iranian influence in the Middle East.

There was specific discussion on How Saudi Arabia can enhance its investments across number of sector in two to three years, he said.

After repeated calls from members of Congress for a strong USA response to Khashoggi's death, both Mattis and Pompeo briefed the Senate behind closed doors about Saudi Arabia's war in Yemen and the murder of Khashoggi.

It has been over a month since the prime minister announced the government is reviewing current export permits to the kingdom, said the New Democrats' foreign-affairs critic Helene Laverdiere.