Trump defends Hyde-Smith


He also ignored General Motors announcing it intends to stop production of several models of automobiles in Ohio, Michigan and Maryland, instead claiming "many" companies are "negotiating to come back in".

"I don't know how many Mississippians can really relate to an income that can command a $750,000 check from one person for a lobbying job", Hyde-Smith, who is a cattle rancher, said during a November 20 debate.

Over the past week, other high-profile contributors, like Walmart, AT&T, Pfizer, and Major League Baseball, have requested a refund for donations made to the Hyde-Smith campaign. "I just think she's the less of the two evils".

She is up against Democrat Mike Espy, who is seeking to become Mississippi's first black senator since Reconstruction.

It's a contest that has been buffeted by racial tensions after Hyde-Smith's public hanging comments.

The comment called up dark memories of lynchings in the state. Facebook photos from 2014 also surfaced Hyde-Smith touring the home of Confederate President Jefferson Davis, with a caption that said, "Mississippi history at its best!"

Espy, who is a lawyer, said: "I found out later that this guy, the president, was a really bad guy".

"I don't talk to them as white voters. That's the type of politics Mississippians are sick and exhausted of".

"There's been too much mud-slinging", Cranmer said, frustrated. "Just assume you have to vote. or send back your ballots or do whatever you have to do but just get it done".

As of Monday, Cranmer wasn't sure if she'd be voting.

Speaking to supporters after her win, Hyde-Smith vowed to fight for everyone in the state when she goes to Washington. They say surveys have consistently shown her with a lead ranging from the mid-single digits to the low double digits.

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"If you let Nancy Pelosi, Maxine Waters and Chuck Schumer win the Mississippi Senate seat, they will try to erase all of our gains, reverse all of our progress and impose - you know this - they want to impose their extreme job-killing agenda". Republicans will still hold a Senate majority even if Hyde-Smith loses, while Democrats will take control of the House of Representatives.

"When he shows up, of course he's going to fire up the Republican base", said Bobby Moak, the state Democratic Party chairman. And sure enough, Tuesday's runoff election isn't on everyone's radar here.

"Mike Espy would rather protect illegal aliens than the people that live in Mississippi", Trump said. Hyde-Smith outpaced Espy by about 8,400 votes, or just a single percentage point, on November 6, while Republican Chris McDaniel took 17 percent. But if black voters rise to 40 percent of the electorate and Espy wins nine out of 10, he needs less than a quarter of white votes to squeak out a victory.

"I've never heard a negative ad, I've never heard a positive ad", she said of him.

She said the hanging remark was an "exaggerated expression of regard" for the supporter, but the remarks drew sharp criticism in a state with a 38 per cent black population.

Republican Sen. Cindy Hyde-Smith, he said, "votes for us and she votes for Make America Great Again and America First".

Joe Trippi, a consultant working with Espy's campaign, said the Democrat is probably losing by low single digits in the closing days of the race. "Up until that point I thought well maybe - maybe I could at least be accepting".

Democrat Mike Espy is a ground floor member of the Clinton crime and corruption family.

"I grew up here in Jim Crow era..."

"Well, I know her and I know she apologized, and she misspoke", Trump told reporters on Moday at the White House, according to Politico. In his closing statement at the debate, Espy called Cochran a "thoughtful" and "efficient" senator, adding, "I would hope to be the kind of senator that Senator Cochran is".