CNN airs Nancy Pelosi profile amid House speaker fight


As IJR previously reported, a group of Democratic lawmakers signed a letter stating that they would not support Pelosi's bid for Speaker and claimed that there needed to be new leadership. It instead supports allowing bipartisan measures to have a chance of being debated and voted upon.

The demands of those Democrats, members of a bipartisan coalition calling itself the Problem Solvers Caucus, put another wrinkle in Pelosi's effort to win the speakership, a painstaking campaign she has undertaken in the wake of Democrats' midterm election victories that has involved trying to put down a mini-rebellion among her longtime foes and newcomers demanding change.

Rep. Brian Higgins of NY reversed his position and announced he plans to support Pelosi in exchange for several open-ended commitments from leadership to bring an infrastructure bill to the floor next year, lower health care costs for Americans with pre-existing conditions, and work to make Medicare available to Americans at age 50.

Among the group's proposals is mandating that any bill receiving 290 co-sponsors would go to the House floor for debate and a timely vote, an idea that a senior Democratic aide said Pelosi had already agreed to include in proposed rules she will present Wednesday. But they could join with other Democratic insurgents to send the election into overtime when the floor would open to new nominees.

"So you wouldn't vote for Nancy Pelosi again as the Democratic leader?"

So far around two dozen Democrats have said they will not vote for Pelosi, but many of those members have not specified whether they would vote against Pelosi in the caucus meeting or on the House floor, making an exact count of her detractors hard to nail down.

"The best way to move forward as we face unprecedented threats to our healthcare access and to our democracy is to unite behind the person who is clearly going to become the next speaker", Davids said in a statement over the weekend announcing that she was backing Pelosi. Pelosi is expected to meet with that group Tuesday.

Davids also noted that the lack of a challenger to Pelosi among the Democratic House caucus made the decision more clear.

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- When an amendment to a bill has at least 20 Democratic and 20 Republican cosponsors, it will get a debate and a vote when that bill is considered on the floor.

The nine insurgent Democrats of the congressional Problem Solvers Caucus including U.S. Reps. They question why Democrats are always the ones to cede power when they attain it.

At one point, Pelosi's opponents counted 17 Democrats on a letter against Pelosi and were hoping for more.

Rep. Stephen Lynch (D-Mass.), one of 16 lawmakers or members-elect who had signed a letter promising to vote against Pelosi on the floor, said on Sunday he would back her over a Republican during the critical January 3 vote. Another new member who said during his campaign that he would not back Pelosi, Representative-elect Gil Cisneros of California, added his name to the letter Monday. They say voters swept them to office in this month's elections to govern, not become bogged down by the kind of Republican infighting that sent Ohio Rep. John Boehner to an early exit as speaker and weakened his successor, Wisconsin Rep.

Rep. Brian Higgins of NY changed course and agreed to support Pelosi after a 72-hour effort she initiated to win him over.

- Every Congress, each member will be allowed to introduce one bill for debate and a vote on a committee on which he or she serves.

"I just see her taking an elitist direction", he said.

"No one I think is better qualified than she is right now", he said on CNN's "State of the Union".