Pokemon Let's Go Daycare location: Feel like some remote leveling?


If you have them already, or once you do, you can transfer them over to Pokemon Let's Go to use in the Kanto region.

If you find yourself coming across a guard in the Let's Go games that won't let you enter the city unless you give him a hot beverage, then you are not alone.

In Pokemon Sun and Moon you could simply head to a hair salon to change your hairstyle, or change your Pokemon's look (or more specifically, your Furfrou's look), the ability to change your Pokemon Let's Go hairstyles is nearly an Easter egg in itself. This one will show you the location of the game's singular Pokemon Daycare.

The Go Park Complex is found in Fuchsia City, which you can get through by progressing through the main story. Hit it, then inside that menu press 'Connect to Nintendo Switch. In the "Let's Go" games, players instead will simply throw a "pokeball" at the monster just like in "Pokemon Go!".

The most obvious way to obtain the classic starter Pokemon is in the wild.

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Besides actual in-game methods of catching Charmander in Pokemon Let's Go, there is one other way as well.

If you want to get involved with transferring creatures from Pokemon Go over to Pokemon Let's Go Pikachu and Pokemon Let's Go Eevee, you're going to need to connect Pokemon Go to your Nintendo Switch.

Boot both Pokemon Go on your phone and Pokemon Let's Go on your Switch. For example, if you have captured 60 Pidgey that would qualify as 60 types of Pokemon.

Remember, once Pokemon leave Pokemon Go they can not be retrieved back to that game. But don't fret as there are plenty of customization options for your partner Pokemon Pikachu or Eevee.