Google’s revolutionary Night Sight camera feature now available for Pixel phones


You'll find it in the Pixel camera app under the "More" section.

Night Sight makes it possible to take low-light pictures without having to use flash, or even a tripod for that matter. Whereas Samsung copes with low-light photography via an adjustable camera aperture, Google takes multiple images for each capture and stacks them. The new promotion comes in advance of Google's other big Pixel 3 deal for Black Friday, which will see up to $200 cut off the price of the smartphone.

On Cyber Monday, Google will host a different Pixel 3 promotion.

For more detailed information about Night Sight, check out the Google AI Blog.

One of the Google Pixel 3's best features is finally coming to the Pixel 2.

Is your Pixel 3 or Pixel 3 XL suffering from this buzzing issue?

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Users can use it by opening the app and then heading over to the "more" tab by swiping. You'll need to keep your hands steady too before and after the shutter is pressed.

After you select the "Call Screen", Google Assistant will take over the call and introduces itself to the person on the other side and questions him/her about the goal of the call. This feature allows Google Assistant to answer the phone when someone calls and ask they they're calling before it's answered.

"Night Sight" is created to use machine learning to adapt to night-lighting conditions and balance the colour of the photos so that objects show their natural colour at night - whether the device is kept still or it experiences the natural hand shaking. Hopefully, a similar feature will debut from Apple for future iPhone cameras.

Night Sight is a prime example of where Google is going with its Pixel line in general.

So um, Google Night Sight is pretty mind-blowing.