Condoleeza Rice Under Consideration For Cleveland Browns Head Coach


The ESPN report that the Cleveland Browns are interested in interviewing former Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice for their open head coaching position is the best kind of rumor: unexpected, bonkers, and completely out of left field.

Rice would be the first woman to interview for an National Football League head coaching position if indeed the Browns were to talk to her about the job.

With the team struggling for form in the AFC North division, and without a head coach since sacking Hue Jackson following defeat to rivals the Pittsburgh Steelers nearly a month ago, ESPN reported that bosses were considering a shock move for Ms Rice in a bid to get their season on track.

Yeah, that went exactly as we expected. If Cleveland does follow through on the interest it would mark the first time a woman had been considered for such a position in the NFL.

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Since the Browns fired head coach Hue Jackson two weeks ago, there have been several names floated as potential replacements. No woman ever has served as head coach for a team in the four major US sports leagues. "And at no time will I call for a 'prevent defense, '" Rice said. Rice was Secretary of State from 2005-09 under George W. Bush and has since become a member of the College Football Playoff Committee and chairs the Commission on College Basketball.

Dorsey is even interested in interviewing someone with no experience: Condoleezza Rice.

Rice's last reference is common among die-hard Browns fans, who still bemoan then-coach Marty Schottenheimer's decision to play soft coverage in the 1986 AFC championship game when Denver quarterback John Elway drove the Broncos 98 yards to a game-tying touchdown in the final seconds. She has never coached football at any level, however.