Ariana Grande Ditched Her Signature Ponytail For Short Hair!


If you're into popular culture, it's not hard to see the news about Ariana Grande constantly make headlines.

She has famously rocked a waist-length high ponytail for essentially every public appearance over the past five years, since her music career began to take off.

The 25-year-old singer has rocked her signature high pony hairstyle ever since her first single "The Way" was released in 2013, but on Thursday she took to Instagram to show off her new shorter choppy hairdo by sharing a selfie in the auto using the bunny filter.

Grande's makeover is the latest switch in her ever-growing hair evolution.

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Her fans absolutely LOST it (good to know it wasn't just us!). While, at the time of this writing, Grande's photo does not have a caption, she may have previously had one. But if history truly repeats itself, Grande's ponytail will be back.

Meanwhile, Grande debuted a new look on Instagram on Thursday. "This is not just a new chapter in her life but in all of our lives". She also recently expressed on Twitter that her ponytail was a constant source of pain.

"The God Is A Women" singer has yet to reveal what inspired the change, but she has admitted that her signature ponytail can be a headache.

What do YOU think of Ari's new hair? As earlier this month, Camila Cabello tweeted how big of a fan she was of the style, even though it proved to be painful for her head.