SoCal gunman apparently stopped shooting to post online


Kelly, who has a large tattoo on his left arm memorializing the Las Vegas shooting, said that Borderline had become a safe haven for dozens of Vegas survivors and it was common for many of them to hang out there together.

A few weeks after the Vegas shooting, the bar held a benefit concert for five people from the area who were killed, and now-eerie social media posts show a number of survivors holding up a "Route 91" sign inside the bar at a six-month anniversary event.

Police are now investigating Long, a decorated marine who served in Afghanistan, who killed himself after the shooting.

Officials are still unclear on a motive, but it appears Long may have been carrying out revenge killings on his high school tormentors.

The attacker was later identified as 28-year-old Ian David Long, a US Marine Corp veteran. Instagram and Facebook refuse to discuss individual accounts and did not respond to a request for comment.

Ventura County Sheriff's Capt. Garo Kuredjian also said he didn't know the content of the posts.

Authorities said Long was found dead at the scene after he had killed12 people, including a sheriff's deputy, and was confronted by officers who had stormed the bar.

He reportedly turned the gun on himself as scores of police officers closed in.

Several people who knew Long in the suburb of Thousand Oaks, where the gunman went to high school and eventually moved back in with his mother, described him in disturbing terms.

Once he helped get people down the street to safety, Wennerstrom said he and others went back to help anyone remaining.

12 killed in California bar shooting sheriff
Dean says around 10 other people were shot and wounded. "I just started hearing these big pops - pop, pop, pop". Video shown on local media station showed people with bullet wounds being carried away from the scene.

However, someone else from his teenage years believes the vet has been "mentally disturbed" long before joining the military - Long's high school track coach, who claimed he assaulted her about a decade ago.

In it, the writer says: "I hope people call me insane..."

In one instance, 38-year-old Colell says Long grabbed her rear and midsection after she refused to return a cellphone he said was his. "If he talks, just acknowledge him, don't go into conversation with him, '" Don MacLeod said.

"I should have reported it then", said Colell. "He was probably the only student that I was actually scared of when I coached there".

But neighbors reported hearing frequent loud fights between Ian David Long and his mother, one of them so extreme they called police in April, and authorities at the time anxious that the war veteran might have post-traumatic stress disorder, though a mental health specialist concluded there were no grounds to have him involuntarily committed.

The mental health specialist concluded there were no grounds to have him involuntarily committed.

Long's neighbor Richard Berge, who takes care of Long's mother's dogs, told Reuters that Long was "raving hell in the house, you know, kicking holes in the walls and stuff".

The Los Angeles Times also reported that several of the survivors at the bar were also survivors of the shooting in Las Vegas a year ago.

More recently he was living in a home where neighbours said they could hear frequent, aggressive shouting between Long and his mother, especially over the previous year. "Fact is I had no reason to do it, and I just thought.(exploitive), life is boring so why not?"