How to improve battery life on Android phones? Google offers best tips


The testing was apparently not done on the latest hardware but they did compare the first generation Pixel's AMOLED display with that of the iPhone 7's LCD and measured the power consumption while using Google Maps in normal and night mode. But you won't really find true dark modes for any of them. That is pretty insane, and a huge difference. More recently, Google has also started to take a friendly approach to dark themes. The reason behind this is that a dark smartphone screen has need of far lesser number of pixels and this enhances the battery life. Until then, here are some apps that support the coveted dark mode and some tips on how to preserve the precious battery life on smartphones. At 100% brightness, the battery consumes 60% less battery power using Dark Mode. But there may be independent apps that may offer users dark modes, with YouTube being one such example.

In the past few months, there have been plenty of leaks from Google with their apps turning to dark mode. From a list of options, select the black theme or any darker shade to suit your preference. But battery life is never enough, especially as the battery degrades over time.

It turns out it's something as easy as switching to dark mode whenever possible. In a country of 1.386 billion people, there are hundreds of millions of Android phones that probably never interact with the Google Play Store, and they don't surface in the company's recent report. Now yes, it's not going to double your battery life - though that chart does say something different - but it is going to be a noticeable difference. Now imagine that throughout your entire phone, that can be an even more significant savings.

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Files Go has been rebranded Files by Google, and the updated version of the app is starting to roll out now. For those unfamiliar with Dark Mode, this UI setting flips the usual screen set up of dark text on a white background to white text on a dark background. They aren't forcing everyone to move to a dark mode on their app, but they do at least want users to have the choice.

However, the most informative news from the session concerns the use of color.