Fortnite v6.22 update includes Heavy Assault Rifle & brand new ‘Team Terror’ mode


Epic Games released the latest patch for its hugely popular battle royale game "Fortnite" on Tuesday, adding a shiny new weapon, a limited time mode, and more. This unique opportunity will give Fortnite players the ability to purchase and customize up to eight outfits representing their favorite National Football League teams.

Epic has outlined its upcoming plans for Fortnite on mobile, which includes several additional customization features, improved performance, and under-the-hood tweaks. Available in rare, epic, and legendary, the weapon is created to be high damage, but low accuracy, used in short bursts of fire.

The furniture many players spotted inside houses on the Fortnite island was floating a few inches above the ground and had a blue glow surrounding it. The biggest and most notable is a UI overhaul to bring the Save the World mode more in line with what's found in Battle Royale and make the transition between the two seem and feel more seamless.

The new weapon is the Heavy AR and it packs a punch, according to Epic. While the spawn rate of balloons has been drastically reduced from 12.2-2.3%. If you spot a gold monster or monster spawner, focus your file upon it, as those drop Legendary items when destroyed.

The Heavy Assault Rifle can be obtained from vending machines, supply drops, chests, or simply picked up off the floor if you happen to see it lying around.

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Aside from the first LTM, we can also spot the return of Blitz.

Of course, now Halloween is over the Pumpkin Rocket Launcher has reverted to the regular Rocket Launcher. The storm is already moving at the beginning of a map, meaning players are more tightly packed into a smaller drop zone.

Wait time between storms is significantly shorter than usual; maximum match length is 15 minutes.

However, while these skins are still unreleased at the time of writing, Ninja, TimTheTatMan, BasicallyIDoWrk, and Trevor May have all been granted early access to the outfits by Epic Games.

Elsewhere, Epic Games also announced several changes it will soon bring to Fortnite.