Jamal Khashoggi was strangled and dismembered, Turkish chief prosecutor says


The call from Mohammed bin Salman took place before Saudi Arabia acknowledged that the writer was murdered and urged Kushner, President's Trump's son-in-law and a White House adviser, and Bolton to maintain the alliance between the United States and Saudi Arabia, the Washington Post reported. "In other words, we did not get the impression that they were keen on genuinely cooperating with the investigation", the official said. We have to ensure stability [in Saudi Arabia].

The newspaper quoted "people familiar with the calls" as saying that Netanyahu and Egyptian President Abdel Fatah al-Sissi defended bin Salman, saying his effective leadership of Saudi Arabia had important strategic implications.

Besides providing "enormous opportunities" for American "wealth generation", the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia remains a "solid partner" in the USA effort to "change" Iran's behavior, Pompeo said.

Netanyahu has refrained from publicly weighing in on the murder by Saudi agents of journalist and regime critic Khashoggi at the Saudi consulate in Istanbul.

The affair has created Saudi Arabia's worst diplomatic crisis since 9/11 and sullied the reputation of powerful crown prince Mohammed bin Salman, whom it is believed at a minimum must have been aware of the murder plan.

Khashoggi, who lived in the United States and wrote columns for the Washington Post, went to the Saudi consulate in Istanbul on October 2 to collect some documents, but he never reappeared. Turkish state news agency Anadolu reported that he had boarded a plane back to Saudi Arabia on Wednesday, having met with the Istanbul chief prosecutor twice.

Mr Khashoggi's family vehemently denied that he was in any way unsafe or a member of the Muslim Brotherhood.

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US State Department spokesman Robert Palladino on Thursday called for Khashoggi's remains to be located and returned to his family for burial as soon as possible.

After weeks of denials and changing accounts of what happened, Saudi officials recently admitted that Khashoggi's murder was premeditated.

The murder of the royal insider-turned-critic has provoked widespread outrage and fuelled an worldwide debate about arms deliveries to Saudi Arabia. "To claim otherwise would be ridiculous", the statement said.

When he first disappeared, it said Khashoggi had walked out of the building alive.

Khashoggi, a 59-year-old columnist for The Washington Post, vanished on October 2 after entering the consulate in Istanbul to pick up paperwork for his upcoming marriage to his fiancée, who was waiting for him outside.

A source close to the Saudi Royal Palace told CNN last week that the location of Khashoggi's body was not known to the Saudis.