Brexit transition must be short, says minister


The key sticking point in Brexit talks is how to deal with the Irish border.

The Democratic Unionist Party, whose 10 lawmakers provide May with a slim working majority in parliament, say the EU's backstop proposal would tear Northern Ireland from the rest of Britain.

Legislation to prepare the United Kingdom for a no deal Brexit will be launched in the second week of November, including at least four new bills, according to the newspaper.

She returned from an unproductive summit in Brussels last week to a new and more intense round of rumours about an imminent leadership challenge from within her party's most staunch pro-Brexit wing. One Brexiteer suggested she should "bring her own noose to the '22" while an ally of former Cabinet minister David Davis - a potential leadership rival - suggested the Prime Minister was now in the "killing zone".

Writing in The Sunday Times, he said: 'To say that things have gone very wrong is an understatement'.

May's appearance in parliament thus turned into a nationally televised test of her resolve.

"I do think that it is important that we all consider the language that we use, those of us in public life", May said.

Britain's Sunday newspapers were full of anonymous attacks on her, the violent nature of which have since been condemned by even her harshest critics.

But almost every MP's disapproval of the quotes was followed by condemnation of May's handling of the negotiations. Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn last week used his questions to claim the Conservatives were "too weak and too divided" to deliver Brexit.

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They also offered to extend the treaty's transition period, when nothing will change, by a year to the end of 2021 to help ensure that a customs deal is ready to avoid a hard border. Technicals indicated sterling had fallen below its 55-day moving average - closing below this level would signal more downside risks, chartists said.

It is not clear if Mr Raab's comments signal a clear split between Mrs May and her Brexit secretary on the issue.

The gulf in the positions defended by May on Monday and Brussels is wide.

Theresa May must clarify if the proposed extension to the Brexit transition period serves as an alternative to the EU's demand for a backstop, Sammy Wilson has said.

"The choice is not to have a deal with the European Union because she won't shift on the issue of the backstop, or to shift on the issue of the backstop and accept that she will split the Conservative party and lose the support of the DUP".

May flatly rejected this in a rare article published in the mass-selling The Sun tabloid.

The documents reveal that cabinet ministers have been presented with different models to work out what would happen if a trade deal to govern UK's future relationship with the European Union was not reached by the end of the transition period, the Times said.

The stakes for May are rising quickly at home.

The International Air Transport Association also said Wednesday there could be "chaos for travellers" if backup plans weren't put in place quickly.