Broncos QB Chad Kelly Arrested For Criminal Trespassing


Denver Broncos backup quarterback Chad Kelly was arrested for trespassing after a freaky incident in Englewood, Colorado in which the 24-year old was allegedly chased out of someone's home before eventually being apprehended by police.

Broncos GM John Elway reportedly met with Kelly following the quarterback's arrest and is "extremely angry" in light of the incident.

A woman in the house, identified as Nancy Lozano, was sitting on the couch with her young child when the man walked into the residence, sat down next to her and began mumbling. Police noted they did not see injuries on Kelly's back from where he was hit by the aluminum tube. Kelly did not have any alcohol in his system, police said.

This is not the news the Denver Broncos wanted to hear early Tuesday morning.

'When a team has a get-together - which is always a good thing when they get together and the camaraderie that goes along with being a team - but when you have one person that kind of puts a dent in the whole process, it's very disappointing, ' Elway continued. This is a very serious situation for Kelly and now the Broncos are looking to 2019 and beyond without him in the picture, at least not before getting some help and serving a suspension. At the time of Kelly's arrest, some fellow Broncos were attending a Halloween party inside the Gothic; it's unclear whether Kelly had been at the party earlier.

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The Broncos chose Kelly as the 253 pick in the 7th round of the 2017 draft.

Despite the unfortunate nickname, sports pundits have been impressed by the strides Kelly has made. Rapoport says Elway is "extremely angry" and all options, including releasing the second-year quarterback, are still on the table.

Kelly aka Swag played for Clemson in 2013 and was 10-for-17 for 58 yards, but was dismissed following 2014 spring practice.

It's been a awful season for Broncos quarterbacks. After all, Kelly, nephew of Hall of Fame Bills quarterback Jim Kelly, does have quarterback genes.