Softbank shares plummet amid concerns over Saudi ties


President Trump threatened "powerful action" against Saudi Arabia over the weekend in response to the alleged slaying of a journalist within the walls of the Saudi embassy in Turkey; the missing journalist was an outspoken critic of the Saudi regime, and his disappearance at the hands of the Arab consulate has seen the global attitude towards Saudi Arabia shift dramatically over the weekend. A bipartisan group of almost two dozen senators have called for an investigation into Khashoggi's disappearance, and some have suggested they would be willing to block the Saudi arms deal if more damaging details come to light.

Although the riyal's move was unusual, it was smaller than some bouts of instability in recent years; in November 2015, when oil prices were plunging, the riyal dropped as low as 3.7598.

But top business leaders are now distancing themselves from the Saudi government. Rubio said U.S. -Saudi relations may need to be "completely revised" and stressed the U.S. would lose credibility on human rights if the Trump administration remained silent.

While organizers said Monday the conference will go on, the Saudis canceled an annual diplomatic reception in Washington set for later this week.

Trump visited the kingdom on his first overseas trip as president and has touted arms sales to Saudi Arabia.

The possible murder of Khashoggi, a USA permanent resident in self-imposed exile who had written critically against the Saudi monarchy, has generated a far stronger worldwide backlash against the kingdom than the ongoing Saudi-led war in Yemen, which has caused widespread starvation in the already impoverished Arab country. They provided no further details. A medieval theocracy that still beheads by sword, doubling as a modern nation with malls (including a planned mall offering indoor skiing), Saudi Arabia has been called "an ISIS that made it".

"The king firmly denied any knowledge of it", Trump told reporters as he left the White House for a trip to survey hurricane damage in Florida and in Georgia. "He didn't really know, maybe - I don't want to get into his mind but it sounded to me - maybe these could have been rogue killers". USA intelligence officials have reported they are certain the interference took place in an effort to hurt Hillary Clinton's campaign. Democratic lawmakers criticized Trump for using the term "rogue killers". The sales are a "tremendous order for our companies", and if the Saudis don't buy their weaponry from the US, they will get it from others, he said.

"Absolutely extraordinary they were able to enlist the President of the United States as their PR agent to float it".

Long before the dissident Saudi journalist, the kingdom has sought influence in the West - perhaps intended, in part, to make us forget what it is.

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Turkish police investigators entered the Istanbul consulate late on Monday.

Meanwhile, Saudi King Salman spoke by telephone with Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan about Khashoggi. "Time is important in terms of evidence", the official said.

The warning from the world's top oil exporter came after a turbulent day on the Saudi stock exchange, which plunged as much as 7 percent at one point Sunday.

Khashoggi, a familiar face on Arab talk shows, moved to the United States past year fearing retribution for his criticism of Prince Mohammed, who has cracked down on dissent with arrests.

Turkish officials say they have audio and video recordings that show a Saudi security team detained Mr Khashoggi in the consulate before killing him and dismembering his body, the Post has reported.

The Saudi consulate referred Reuters to authorities in Riyadh, who did not respond to questions about the 15 Saudis.

Saudi Arabia rejected threats of punishment, saying the kingdom would retaliate against any sanctions with "greater action", according to its official state news agency.

The Saudi riyal fell to its lowest in two years and its global bond prices slipped over fears that foreign investment could shrink amid worldwide pressure.

Media companies and some technology executives have pulled out of a major Saudi investment conference dubbed "Davos in the Desert", scheduled for next week in Riyadh, because of growing outrage over the disappearance.