Youth vulnerable to mental stress, illnesses, says expert


This year's World Mental Health Day focuses on young people. How Alternative Healing Therapies Can Improve Mental Health.

The children's commissioner welcomed Mrs May's announcement, but added: 'We need to see urgent action and implementation now.

"We welcome this opportunity to work with Kent's businesses by enabling them to find and use the tools available to keep their staff safe and healthy".

The UN body also said that in the "turbocharged" transition from childhood to adulthood these days, many young people are inevitably exposed to alcohol, tobacco, drugs and other negative influences.

It is time we all come together and work towards preventing suicide as one third of all suicides and 40 per cent of all women suicides in the world happen in our country.

Worldwide, it is estimated that one in five adolescents experience mental health challenges, though most remain underdiagnosed and undertreated, United Nations news stated. However, it's important that mental health never falls off the agenda, that we continue lobbying for important changes to legislation and keep pushing for mental health to be a priority in every workplace. This includes issues of comorbidity in the context of chronic disease management in general health care.

Labour has had a shadow cabinet minister for mental health since 2015 and the party has pledged to increase spending on services and protect budgets.

First Mental Health DayWorld Mental Health Day was first observed on 10 October 1992. In some countries this day is part of an awareness week, such as Mental Health Week in Australia.Every year this day is celebrated with some theme.

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"We invite any member of the public, who would like to support our requests for a better mental health service, to join us", GMWS said. "Empowering anyone and everyone to invest in their own mental health and overall wellbeing, just as they would their physical health; through developing their own knowledge, skills and repertoire of effective self-care activities and behaviours".

Businesses might next need to look at training their employees to help each other when it comes to mental health, since 68 percent of managers feel there are barriers to them fully supporting the mental wellbeing of those they manage.

Closer home, The National is exploring the pressures of mental health that young people face in the UAE.

Theresa May said the appointment of Health Minister Jackie Doyle-Price to the new role will help tackle the stigma surrounding suicide.

"We have de-stigmatised the mild and moderate mental health illnesses or the very common ones but those with the more complex conditions get pushed to the side and marginalised further", she says.

Here are some statistics that give you an idea of just how prevalent mental health conditions are among the Australian population.

Xercise4Less Sheffield will be offering five-day free gym passes to anyone over the age of 16 who wants to try a fitness class or workout to help relieve the stresses of everyday life.

Janice Horsman, CEO of Brent, Wandsworth and Westminster Mind will discuss the charity, and good mental health can help you thrive at work.