Trump says it's 'a very scary time for young men in America'


At a raucous rally in Southaven, Mississippi, Tuesday night, President Trump mocked Christine Blasey Ford, who testified before Congress last week that Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh sexual assaulted her when they were both in high school.

Donald Trump was bitching about due process Tuesday, but just hours later made a mockery of his FBI investigation by essentially calling Dr. Christine Blasey Ford a fraud.

The fight over Kavanaugh's nomination to a lifetime job on the top USA court comes against the backdrop of the #MeToo movement fighting sexual harassment and assault that has toppled a succession of powerful men.

The fight over Kavanaugh's nomination to a lifetime job on the top U.S. court comes against the backdrop of the #MeToo movement fighting sexual harassment and assault that has toppled a succession of powerful men.

"I didn't get the sense that this person even knew what the Kavanaugh case was about", said Oh, an emergency room doctor in California. "It's a damn sad situation", Trump said. "That is a very, very hard standard", Trump said outside the White House before leaving on a visit to Philadelphia.

The fight over Kavanaugh's nomination has been unusually emotional and has unfolded just weeks ahead of November 6 elections.

Sitting Supreme Court Justices often teach courses affiliated with universities during the summer months.

"You could be somebody that was flawless your entire life and somebody could accuse you of something - doesn't necessarily have to be a woman - but somebody could accuse you of something and you're automatically guilty".

After the event, the Atlantic's Elaina Plott asked Flake if his comments meant he would not vote for Kavanaugh's confirmation.

Ford's attorneys say they heard nothing from anyone at the bureau since that Friday night phone call, and they say it is "inconceivable" that the agency could conduct a deeper inquiry into the allegations against Kavanaugh without interviewing Ford.

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Under pressure from opposition Democrats and a handful of his own Republicans, Trump on Friday ordered a fresh FBI investigation into allegations of Kavanaugh's sexual misconduct during his youth.

Kavanaugh's confirmation hinges on a handful of key Republican and Democratic senators who have not yet fully tipped their votes, including Republican Sens. "I was very troubled by the tone of the remarks". How did you get there? Scrutiny has been building this week on Kavanaugh, not only because of the accusations, but because of his testimony at that hearing.

Chuck Schumer, the Senate Democrats' leader from NY, accused Kavanaugh of delivering a "partisan screed" during the Judiciary Committee hearing last week. Trump issued the order after Sen. He has also denied an accusation from Deborah Ramirez, a classmate at Yale, who said he exposed himself to her at a dorm party more than 25 years ago.

Demonstrating that the investigation is credible is crucial as the White House and Senate Republican leadership look to win the support of several wavering senators - including three Republicans - who will determine whether the 53-year-old conservative judge is confirmed to the lifetime post. "I don't know, but I had one beer, that's the only thing I remember".

In a White House press conference overnight, the United States leader sought to excuse excessive drinking by teenagers, while going beyond Mr Kavanaugh's own testimony on his past use of alcohol to the Senate Judiciary Committee last week.

They said they have "repeatedly asked you to identify the Supervisory Special Agent responsible for this investigation, so that we could contact him or her directly".

Kavanaugh, a federal appeals judge, has vehemently denied any allegations of sexual misconduct - becoming emotional, at times, while speaking to the Senate Judiciary Committee.

Judge has said that he has no memory of the alleged incident and never saw Kavanaugh behave like that.

Ford's allegations have thrown the outcome of Kavanaugh's nomination - once believed by many to be a sure bet - in some doubt in the 51-49 Republican-controlled Senate. Think of your husband, ' Trump said.