First Venom Reactions Call It A Ridiculous, Pre-MCU Comic Book Movie


Hardy, 41, who has been busy promoting the eagerly anticipated Marvel flick, in which he takes on the role of the lead character, was asked what his favourite moment was to film.

The Taboo star continued: "There are like 30 to 40 minutes worth of scenes that aren't in this movie. all of them". You know what I mean? And while critics have yet to officially weigh in on the new movie, Hardy has already had to face the toughest critic of them all: his 10-year-old son.

Riz Ahmed was bemused when informed about fellow Hollywood star Mark Wahlberg's insanely early 2.30am wake up calls, joking: "I'm anxious about you bro!" Even to date while watching the movie on our television screens, we love it when the veteran actor says the dialogue.

Is everyone else just making lemonade, or are you all excited about the soon to be released Venom?

Prudon feels the film could've benefited by riffing on its absurd premise and playing it for laughs ("When your main character is threatening to eat someone's pancreas as a tasty snack, you probably want to lean into the absurdity").

The film's producer Matt Tolmach added: "Everyone is asking us that".

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"I don't think you sacrifice anything by not having it".

Some critics despised the movie, calling it a "complete failure" and a "tonal mess".

With its head-munching and several gross-out scenes of Hardy trying to sate Venom's bottomless hunger, the movie is in a hurry to prove its edginess. I would love to say it didn't show, but character development is important and almost everyone's development is "and then they do this" rather than "because they do this". I talk about this a lot in my review but this is a movie that somehow slipped through a wormhole from 2004.

Venom, it should be said, isn't the box-office poison hinted by its early trailers. (These two takes do not seem mutually exclusive to me.) Some were impressed at just how close to the original comic book concept of Venom the film got.

"Action-sequences and Eddie and Venom" s odd relationship are the highlights of #Venom but if Sony wants to move forward with a universe, it needs to just keep the few units that work and scrap the large portion which does t.

Venom is out in cinemas in Ireland on October 3.