Brett Kavanaugh: Looking ahead to what's next for the Supreme Court nominee


Alan Dershowitz called for delaying the vote on Brett Kavanaugh's Supreme Court nomination until the FBI can investigate allegations of sexual misconduct against the nominee.

In a statement issued by the White House, Mr Kavanaugh said he would cooperate with the FBI investigation. My hope is that some Democrats will say "Hey, we may not change our vote, but this process was worthy of the institution, and we feel satisfied". Chris Coons after Flake announced he is in favor of additional time in the Kavanaugh investigation on September 28, 2018 in Washington.

Kavanaugh has denied all of the allegations. But the FBI is moving quickly to contact people as part of the new background investigation, which President Donald Trump ordered on Friday under pressure from key members of his party.

The Senate Judiciary Committee voted 11-10 Friday to approve Kavanaugh's nomination, sending him to the full Senate for final consideration.

It was also not clear whether the FBI would investigate a series of allegations made by a third woman, Julie Swetnick, who has said that she witnessed a severely drunken Kavanaugh mistreat women at parties in high school and that he was present at parties where high school boys gang-raped teenage girls.

If confirmed, Kavanaugh would consolidate conservative control of the nation's highest court and advance Trump's broad effort to shift the American judiciary to the right. Grassley did walk into the anteroom briefly, where Flake told him his decision.

A third woman, Julie Swetnick, accused Kavanaugh and Judge of excessive drinking and inappropriate treatment of women in the early 1980s, among other accusations.

As the FBI begins the supplemental background investigation of Brett Kavanaugh, Leland Keyser-a friend and named witness of Kavanaugh's accuser Christine Ford-reaffirmed that she "does not know Judge Kavanaugh" and "has no recollection of ever being at a party or gathering where he was present".

But I have to believe that there was a certain amount of cringing going on last night.

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Earlier Friday, the Senate committee voted in support of the nomination of Kavanaugh.

Hatch and Sen. Mike Lee both voted to advance the nomination to the full Senate last Friday as another GOP colleague, Jeff Flake of Arizona, successfully pushed for a one-week delay before a final vote while the FBI investigates the allegations.

"What I do know", Flake wrote, "is that our system of justice affords a presumption of innocence to the accused, absent corroborating evidence".

Kavanaugh also testified before the committee on the same day after Ford.

David Gomez, a former FBI counterterrorism supervisor in Seattle, said officials at FBI headquarters typically will divide up leads that get assigned to different field offices across the country for further investigation and will set a quick deadline.

Even before Flake's move, it was unclear if Republicans had the votes to confirm Kavanaugh on the Senate floor. Kavanaugh said he was "100 percent sure" he is innocent. Based on the discussion that unfolded this afternoon, Flake has endorsed a Democratic call for Federal Bureau of Investigation scrutiny of sexual-assault allegations into Kavanaugh.

As for Ana Maria Archila and Maria Gallagher, the women who confronted him in the elevator, Flake said their intervention was "poignant", but that he believed "some of their concern was how Kavanaugh would rule on the court". "He was just nervous and not really wanting to speak with me, and he looked a little bit ill". The incident occurred during the 1983-84 school year, according to an article first published by the New Yorker.

"I've done everything they have requested and will continue to cooperate", said the 53-year-old judge.

Another Republican senator, Lisa Murkowski of Alaska, said Friday that she agreed with Flake's call for additional FBI investigation.