The Texas Senate Race Is Now a Toss Up


Ted Cruz by two points.

Cruz remains favored, but only slightly.

Since the primary, O'Rourke has been traveling around Texas and busting fundraising records, so far bringing in more than $23 million for his bid.

The race has massive implications for the battle for the U.S. Senate.

If they win either chamber, much of President Donald Trump's agenda could be hamstrung and his administration would be subjected to greater scrutiny. "I've got to say, [PETA] summed up the entire election", Cruz said.

While polls show a single-digit race, O'Rourke will need a transformed electorate in order to win in Texas, where no Democrat has prevailed in a statewide race in nearly a quarter-century. CBS News rates the race as Lean Republican.

O'Rourke, though, faulted Cruz for not opposing Trump more and said the president undermines American democratic institutions.

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O'Rourke has become a national figure over the past few months for running a shockingly successful campaign against sitting senator Ted Cruz. He is turning to the White House for help. And as Trump has dismantled the norms of office, from politically motivated firings of civil servants to attacking the free press to rolling over for Russian Federation to refusing to condemn overt racism and neo-Nazism in Charlottesville, Cruz has sat contentedly by and voted for the Trump agenda, without concern for the long term damage to our country.

Texas Democratic Senate candidate Beto O'Rourke pinned himself in a corner during Friday night's debate with Sen.

Cruz and O'Rourke will debate two more times, first in Houston and then in San Antonio.

From Cruz's point of view, the clip is damning of his opponent. Cruz wants to add more officers and metal detectors in schools. "I think vast majority of Texans agree on that", Cruz said.

"While I may like one of them personality-wise better than the other", said Lionberger. But O'Rourke has focused heavily on courting women, Latinos and young voters, has developed a strong following on social media, and has proven to be a fund-raising dynamo, outpacing Cruz's efforts.

Cruz also said school shootings are a result of "removing God from the public square", and he called for more armed police officers in schools.

O'Rourke in turn blasted Cruz for supporting massive deportations of illegal immigrants. The New York Times reported earlier this month that Mick Mulvaney, a top official in the Trump administration, warned a room of top Republican donors this month that Cruz could lose his re-election bid because he's not "likeable" enough. A Reuters/Ipsos poll, meanwhile, actually gives Congressman O'Rourke a two-point lead over Cruz, the first poll showing Cruz trailing even within the margin of error.