Amazon plans to release eight IoT devices


Amazon AMZN is doubling down on its Alexa-powered devices, with plans to release at least 8 new voice-controlled hardware devices before the end of the year, CNBC has learned. Given the massive number of dash cams now on the market and Amazon's push into amplifiers and other audio products, the in-car gadget could possibly be a smart stereo instead.

Some of the devices will have Alexa built-in, while the others will pair to other Alexa-controlled devices.

Vobot is a completely self-contained device that connects to Alexa via an onboard app, so you never need to worry about smartphone compatibility or pairing issues.

Amazon may decide to launch an entirely separate line dedicated to Alexa-equipped home devices, separate from the Echo line.

Google and Apple have so far dominated the smart auto stereo market, and although there are a number of Alexa-enabled smart vehicle stereos on the market, this is a missing link for Amazon in its the Alexa-everywhere strategy.

Speaking of the home appliance market, we should note this is not Amazon's first involvement with that market, not by a long shot.

Amazon plans to release at least 8 new Alexa devices, including a microwave oven and in-car gadget
Report: Amazon planning to release new Alexa devices, including a microwave

Amazon is about to bring its Alexa voice assistant to a bunch of new products - and it's looking beyond smart speakers this time.

The in-car gadget and microwave oven make for particularly interesting additions.

The world could have an Alexa-enabled microwave before 2018 is finished-yes, a microwave. The company is also working on robots of some kind for the home, per Bloomberg.

Having its own home appliances also opens up a new sales channel for Amazon.

Amazon Alexa and the Google Assistant are the two most popular personal assistants in the market.The Alexa-powered Amazon Echo lineup of smart speakers and the Google Assistant-powered Google Home speakers dominate the smart speaker market. Sonos has a similar business model. Amazon is also stepping up partnerships with home installation companies and home builders. Around this time past year, Amazon revealed the newest members of the Echo family: the Echo Spot and updated Echo speakers. Amazon's former director of Alexa Smart Home, Charlie Kindel, meanwhile, joined smart home service provider Control 4 in August.

Alexa previously got visual with the Echo Show. But what Amazon's virtual assistant reportedly lacks in accent comprehension and overall IQ, it now makes up for in "visual style".

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