Unexpected First Look at Joaquin Phoenix as The Joker


Director Todd Philips just gave us our first look at Joaquin Phoenix's Joker character, and now we are getting a number of set photos showing Phoenix on set. Phillips is known for helming The Hangover comedy trilogy. The post, which also calls the character "Arthur", confirms reports that the Joker's real name in the film will be Arthur Fleck. The Joker has, of course, used many aliases over the years, but most have always involved a "J" somewhere (Jack Napier, Jack White etc.), so it's something of a departure for this incarnation to omit the letter entirely.

Joker hits theaters on October 4, 2019.

The film, the first solo movie centred around the popular Batman villain, is being executive produced by legendary filmmaker Martin Scorsese. I might not care for the Joker's origins, but considering Phoenix's reputation for playing freaky and dark characters I at least thought that the casting was spot on and that it could prove to be an interesting movie from that perspective. The pic shows Phoenix looking at the camera, with a slight smile on his visage.

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Reddit user cameron_w_robertson created the "quick mashup", transforming Arthur into the Clown Prince of Crime. There might also be a look at how the Joker is linked to Bruce Wayne's parents, Thomas and Martha Wayne. I do think Phoenix is a little old to be playing a younger Joker considering his age here is older than all the actors who actually played the character in the movies, but perhaps I will reserve some judgement until I actually get to see some footage from the movie. It will be made on a budget of 55 million dollars and will be more of a dark character study than the usual comic-book caper.

In the leaked videos from set, we can see Arthur having an animated discussion with a large man dressed up like a clown. For the time being, Jared Leto will continue to play Joker there.