Fellow Republicans Disagree With Trump on Puerto Rico


The White House says President Donald Trump was responding to the "liberal media" and the mayor of San Juan, Puerto Rico, when he tweeted that "3,000 people did not die" after Hurricane Maria hit the island previous year.

President Donald Trump has been "overly criticized" for his response to the deadly storm that struck Puerto Rico past year, but neither the president nor his critics should be politicizing the tragedy, Rep. Chris Stewart said.

"As time went by it did not go up by much", Trump wrote.

He accused Democrats of inflating the official death toll to "make me look as bad as possible".

Mr Trump said people who died for any reason - "like old age" - had been added to the total.

Cora, 42, a native of Puerto Rico who became Boston's manager this season after a 14-year playing career, said he respects the president, but expressed his displeasure with how the natural disaster had become a "political issue", the Boston Herald reported. She said he had no idea what is going on there and that Trump has "no empathy" for anything that doesn't make him look good. "Ron DeSantis is committed to standing with the Puerto Rican community, especially after a tragic loss of life".

House Speaker Paul Ryan told reporters he has "no reason to dispute those numbers".

Trump wants investigation into anonymous New York Times opinion piece
The president said if that person had high-level security clearance, "I don't want him in those meetings". Trump wasn't saying Friday whether he'd take the suggestion. "I would know.

A sweeping report from George Washington University released last month estimated there were 2,975 "excess deaths" in the six months after the storm made landfall in Puerto Rico in September 2017. Mr. Trump appeared confident that the federal response would be on par to his other "A pluses" in Texas and Florida, assuring those in the path of the storm: "We'll handle it, we're ready, we're able".

He was reacting to President Donald Trump's tweets that dispute the projected death toll from Hurricane Maria previous year.

"My teams knew about it but first they will say, "no we cannot use them, ' months later water was no good for human consumption", he tweeted".

Photos have emerged showing 20,000 pallets of bottled water meant for victims still sitting on a runway in Ceiba, Puerto Rico, a year after the storm.

Up to a quarter of a million people were displaced and much of the island was without power for several months following the massive storm.

But Trump has continued to boast about the handling of Maria, calling it "an incredible unsung success" as he warned residents of the Carolinas not to take chances with Florence.

George Washington University researchers stood by their study, responding to Trump's tweet by saying the study was carried out "with complete independence and freedom from any kind of interference". "Those are just the facts of what happened". That left him with enough phone time to insult Jamie Dimon, the J.P. Morgan Chase CEO who said he could beat Trump in 2020 because he's "smarter than he is".