‘Plaid Shirt Guy’ Draws Attention For Facial Expressions At Trump Rally


The "plaid shirt guy" who went viral for his facial expressions at President Trump's Montana rally Thursday said he was asked to leave by secret service for not being enthusiastic enough. It includes news footage saying Tester helped write the bills, side by side with images of Trump praising their passage.

Many people referred to Linfesty as the "man wearing a plaid shirt" till the time he was identified. "Really, really unfair for the midterms", Trump said.

After Trump claimed that he'd picked up support for his deep state conspiracy theory, Linfesty appears to mouth: "Have you?"

President Donald Trump says a docudrama about the moon landing would have been a "much bigger success" had it shown the planting of the American flag. "Jon Tester can not be trusted to stand with President Trump and support our fundamental right to self-defense".

Linfesty said, "Out of everyone there at the rally, they chose one person randomly to meet the President, give him a handshake and have a photo op with him and I got that award".

"The woman she came in, and she just said, 'I'm going to replace you.' And I just walked off". "I wasn't planning on trolling him or protesting". When he said something I disagreed with, I visibly disagreed.

"I knew that I was getting kicked out for not clapping so I didn't fight it", he said.

He said he wasn't given a reason for being removed from the crowd but the organisers sent someone in to tell him and his friends to leave.

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An unnamed woman walked up and told the young man he was being replaced, as were his friends.

He was barred from the Billings rally - but it's unclear at this point whether he's also banned from other functions across the state. I was not trying to make those faces.

"Before the rally, they told us that, you know, you have to be enthusiastic and be clapping and cheering for Donald Trump".

The 17-year-old Billings West High School senior talked with MTN News on Friday about his whirlwind last 24 hours, which included appearances on several national TV news outlets and being featured in dozens of articles across the country.

Then he was tossed out of the rally while Trump continued speaking. "What Jon Tester says in Montana isn't what he does in Washington, D.C". When the time came to end sanctuary cities, Jon voted no. I wasn't clapping [when I disagreed with things he said].

"Those faces were completely genuine".

One of the two in the FFA jacket is Jack Bernhardt, who replied to Wilson: "I was the FFA kid on his right and I very much appreciate your comment!"