TROPICS: Helene, Florence to become hurricanes this weekend


Florence remains a tropical storm located 840 miles southeast of Bermuda, it is moving west at 9 mph.

Large swells are effecting Bermuda as the storm moves west, according to the hurricane center.

The EMO warned that Florences approach was likely to narrow as forecasts continued.

The winds from Tropical Storm Florence are expected to strengthen this weekend. On this path, Florence will track over the warm waters off the southeast USA coastline.

Florence had attained Category 4 strength by Wednesday before it weakened to a tropical storm this morning, but was predicted to rebound as a Category 3 storm by Tuesday morning. There is a possibility of significant intensification in the early part of next week. It appears the high pressure filling in behind Florence will extend far enough south to block this system from turning north.

There are dozens of different models and versions of forecast tracks that meteorologists have among their forecasting tools, and a majority still show the center of Florence staying offshore - but most track it close enough to cause some impact next week.

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"The risk of other direct impacts associated with Florence along the US East Coast next week has increased". If it does brush up against the coast, Cumberland County could see winds and rain, Morrow said. Helene has winds of 45 mph, and is 330 miles from the Cabo Verde Islands. It has maximum sustained winds of 45 miles per hour, and was moving to the west at 13 miles per hour. On the forecast track, Helene will pass very close to the southern Cabo Verde Islands tonight and early Sunday.

The Emergency Measures Organisation has announced that it is prepared to meet on Monday as Tropical Storm Florence gets nearer.

Moving closer to the Caribbean, Tropical Depression Nine has maximum sustained winds of 35 mph Saturday morning, and is now 172 miles east of the Windward Islands. It's likely that Florence will be a rather strong hurricane, and it will begin to angle to the northwest again.

"We're still anywhere from five to six days away from feeling the impact", Morrow said. Additional strengthening is forecast for the next couple of days and Helene is expected to become a hurricane on Sunday.

A number of tropical storms in the Atlantic Ocean, with the potential to strengthen to hurricanes, are heading towards land.