Woman Seen in Video in Restraints Found, Not Woman Missing From Reno


Police have found the mysterious woman who was captured on camera days earlier ringing a doorbell multiple times at 3 a.m.in a neighborhood in Montgomery, Texas.

The Montgomery County Sheriff's Office was able to confirm the woman's safety Wednesday morning after they were called out to a home in the Sunrise Ranch area.

They said her 49-year-old boyfriend had been found dead in a suspected suicide.

The dramatic video captured what appeared to be the woman's plea for help as she stumbled to the door of a stranger's home and rang the doorbell between 30 and 40 times.

In the CCTV, she can be seen wearing broken wrist restraints in an apparent state of distress as she walks up to a doorway.

She visited at least five houses in the neighborhood around the same time the footage was recorded, neighbors said. But he said the woman in the video had not been reported missing.

The man and woman moved into the home two to three months ago, investigators said.

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The 32-year-old woman - who had restraints around both wrists - is now safe and detectives believe she was the victim of domestic abuse.

"When deputies arrived on scene they could not get an answer at the door and due to the circumstances made forced entry into the home", the statement read.

Police took in tips from across the country about the identity of the woman. Authorities confirmed that the girlfriend of the deceased man is the woman in the video. When no one answered the door, she went back to the house she was staying in with Collins, got a auto and fled to the Dallas-Fort Worth area, officials said.

Another unidentified resident told Click2Houston, 'We were dead asleep in our beds.

The Montgomery County Sheriff's Office did not reveal either person's name. Inside Edition's security expert has tips on what you should do if someone rings your doorbell in the middle of the night.

In the note, Collins expressed remorse for what he had done to the woman, Spencer said.