Sacha Baron Cohen Jokes with O.J. Simpson About Killing Women


On the final episode of Who Is America?, Sacha Baron Cohen set his sights on O.J. Simpson.

But on the finale episode ever, he tried to land the biggest confession of the century - by trying to get OJ Simpson to 'fess up to the 1994 murder of his ex-wife.

Cohen portrayed one of his recurring characters, Gio Monaldo, for the Simpson interview segment, according to Yahoo Entertainment. Nor did she draw a connection when Monaldo brought up Simpson's appearances in "The Naked Gun" franchise.

"She's gorgeous, but sometimes I want to kill her", said Monaldo.

A clip from the show that appeared online shows Sacha making awkward jokes about murder weapons and killing girlfriends whilst Simpson simply brushes it off by laughing uncomfortably. "No, I didn't kill nobody", Simpson said through more laughs.

Provocateur Sacha Baron Cohen has targeted someone whom everyone despises with equal measure: the notorious O.J. Simpson. You're not O.J. the movie star.

Who Is America? is airing now on Stan.

That wasn't all - Cohen riled people up by getting disgraced former sheriff Joe Arpaio to admit that he "may have to say yes" to a blowjob from Donald Trump.

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He then broached the subject of Nicole's murder by saying they were both "ladykillers" - prompting state: "No, I didn't kill nobody".

Instead, Palin was featured in the credits and actually called a "Special Publicity Consultant (Inadvertent)".

"Me and you, we've got something in common", said Cohen dressed in costume.

At first, Cohen meets Simpson with a female he claims is his girlfriend. Make sure to check out the tweet below, which also contains a video compilation of the criticism directed towards the show, and let us know what you think.

Simpson joins a long list of high-profile figures duped by Baron Cohen for the series, among them former Vice President Dick Cheney, former Senate candidate Roy Moore, and Sarah Palin.

The Palin interview never aired on the series with no explanation as to why it was cut from Cohen.

"Well, first off she wasn't my wife, we had been divorced we had been separated for two years", Simpson explains.