Jacksonville shooting victims include former SoCal football player


EASports" website says of that 2017 tournament, "In what some are calling the most exciting moment in all the 2017 NFL Club Series Championships, David "Bread' Katz won with a walk-off victory by completing an unbelievable pass as time expired to be crowned Buffalo Bills Champion". A pro "Madden" player from Kettering, Ohio who once starred on ESPN's "Madden Nation", he used his body to protect younger players who were taking cover, according to Fox 45 Now.

The decision comes after the deaths of Elijah Clayton, 22, of Woodland Hills, Calif., and Taylor Robertson, 28, of Giles, W. Va.

Katz lived with his father in Baltimore, Maryland.

Gamer Derek Jones, who lost to Robertson in the 2016 tournament, said his onetime rival was "one of the nicest people I ever met". As long as there's tight security next time, they're open to returning to another public video game tournament, they said.

Florida authorities say they've finished clearing the scene of a fatal mass shooting at a riverfront mall in Jacksonville and there are no additional suspects. Both guns were purchased from a licensed dealer legally in Baltimore, Maryland.

"Fine. You'll pay. Where are you going to be tomorrow?" she said in the transcript, addressing her son.

Experts in Maryland say the video gaming gunman's history of mental illness apparently wouldn't have stopped him from buying guns before he killed two people and wounded 10 and then killed himself at a tournament in Florida. He was the victor of the Madden 17 Bills Club Championship in February of 2017 in Buffalo, New York.

He said authorities believe 24-year-old David Katz of Baltimore carried out the attack with at least one handgun at the Jacksonville Landing, a complex of eateries and shops on the St. Johns River in that north Florida city. I figured I was the biggest person and it was just in the moment.

United States senator John McCain dead at 81
When Mr Trump blamed him for the survival of the Affordable Care Act, Mr McCain sniffed, "I've faced tougher adversaries". McCain announced that he would instead vote for "some good conservative Republican who is qualified to be president".

Many said he was well known on the circuit but that he kept himself to himself and did not mingle.

But, they did have a message for politicians, including Republican Illinois Gov. Bruce Rauner: "If you really are the politicians of people that you say you are, you will do your best to help us in this situation", Williams said.

The two friends would chat daily online and see each other about six times a year at gaming tournaments. If he was happy, you knew he was happy.

"People were falling over each other trying to get out of there", Delph said.

Soon after the gunfire erupted, police were there in about a minute, he said.

The Jacksonville shooting has rocked the gaming community to the core, with players and personalities from all areas expressing their shock and sadness.

Williams says the wounded victims are all expected to recover.

"It just doesn't make sense why he would do it", Kivlen said.