South Korea 'reevaluates' opening of inter-Korean liaison office


Negotiations between the USA and North Korea have slowed over the denuclearization progress of the Korean Peninsula, according to Trump.

The remarks came three days after U.S. President Donald Trump called off a scheduled trip by his State Secretary Mike Pompeo to the communist North.

'While we consider the delay of the visit to North Korea as unfortunate, we believe it's most important for the North Korea-U.S. dialogue, including Secretary Pompeo's visits to North Korea, to contribute to substantial progress in complete denuclearization and the establishment of a permanent peace regime in the Korean Peninsula, ' South Korea's Foreign Ministry said. Officials say progress has stalled because the USA wants North Korea to take concrete steps before making any concessions, while Pyongyang wants Washington to reciprocate as it moves toward denuclearization.

Since the North Korea-U.S. summit in June, Pyongyang has taken visual steps such as demolishing its only known nuclear test site and its missile engine testing site.

A United Nations agency recently reported it had not seen any indication that nuclear activities in North Korea have stopped.

On Friday, in a series of tweets, US President Donald Trump said that "sufficient progress" towards denuclearization of the Korean Peninsula was not being made, and he blamed China for hindering the progress, due to the ongoing trade spat between Washington and Beijing.

South Korea expects China to continue serving a "constructive role" in efforts to solve the nuclear crisis, it said, adding that Beijing continues to express commitment to implementing sanctions.

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North Korea's blistering broadsides against Japan are nothing new, given its position as a hated former colonial power and a key player in worldwide efforts to punish Pyongyang with sanctions over its pursuit of nuclear weapons. "I look forward to seeing him soon!"

"It seems Japan is indifferent to the world's advice to keep up its policy with the changed situation and the changed trend", said one commentary released by the KCNA news agency earlier this month.

"If Xi can produce a meaningful agreement with Kim Jong Un on his September visit to Pyongyang, China will get a boost in the diplomacy game by taking on the role the United States failed to play, " Cheong said.

"North Korea is aware that the list reveals all their cards to the U.S., and they won't do so without any tangible promise from Washington".

The sudden cancellation has put the brakes on Seoul's plans to open a liaison office in North Korea following a rapid diplomatic thaw on the Korean peninsula.

A diplomatic source told CNN that while it is possible that high-ranking officials in Seoul were informed of Trump's decision to cancel the trip prior to the tweets, the announcement caught South Korean diplomats at the working level off guard.

Some analysts suggest Trump's move may be a negotiating ploy.